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  1. Hey Chris and Jake, I don’t know if you guys are still following these forums at all, but I’m a real fan of your podcast on TP and you both said something in this episode that inspired me to find this old thread and comment. So Chris I think mentioned having a music degree and Jake was talking about having played a bunch of the already existent music in the show as a young piano student. I’m a musician, a symphony conductor, so it’s always fascinating to encounter folks in relatively unrelated career fields, (I gather you guys create games???) who have a serious music background and are kinda simpatico. So i just wanted to invite you to share something about those music backgrounds if you feel so inclined...since I subscribe to the belief that a music background informs many things about how one sees the world, and I sure felt that in your Twin Peaks Rewatch show. I’m not a gamer, so that’s not a level upon which I can connect to the majority of your content, but I’m hopeful you’ll do another show watch of something I dig on. All the best, Kevin