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  1. Safe Words

    I was wondering why it was censoring on my initial post. "Pineappl3 Emergency" is good for us because it is hard to say while laughing so it helps prevent false positives
  2. Safe Words

    My wife and I have agreed on a safeword. Typically these are used by adults in adult situations, however this isn't exactly our usage. I am very ticklish, and when being tickled i am dangerous. Objects are broken, limbs lash about with no regard, my innate grappling goes into effect and fingers and thumbs are dug into anything that would prevent further tickling. I am completely unable to breath, its ridiculous. All involved are full of regret. To give me a momentary reprieve, our safeword is "********* emergency," which is good for about 5 minutes so we can come up with reparations/treaties that are per-destined to end at midnight, where it could all begin again. Anyway, does anyone else have a ridiculous safeword with their loved ones?