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  1. I know it is a little off the point but I have to fanboy about one of my favorite authors. t he altered carbon books are better than the show. The author's style is intersectionality +80s action. In altered carbon the books the themes of anti capitalism come out much stronger. The show white washes the character in an interesting way. In the book the character is never white. His body is white. But when you don't see a white actor he remains a poc in your head in a transhumanist way. He is written and functions as a other to the liberal west coast tech billionaire types in the book. Richard K Morrigan's " no country for hero's books are newer and you can see his experience as a writer. The three pov characters are:. A gay veteran with ptsd, A queer black female engineer dealing with society, and a buffalo herder struggling with toxic masculinity. That is all set against the backdrop of a standard grimdark fantasy not-Europe so the contrast is amazing.