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  1. Episode 468: Same Thing, Different Place

    This was a really interesting episode. I particularly liked the conversation on The Operational Art of War IV. I think this would be a good one to do an episode on some time, I’ve been eyeing it for a while as a newbie to hex wargames but haven’t jumped in as it seems so massive and I haven’t seen much discussion in any of gaming reviews land anywhere.
  2. Episode 420: Classic Year in Review: 1993

    I played Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space. Or At least, tried to. It was horrendously, horribly broken in its design and execution. It was essentially impossible to win. For example, your first flight of a man into orbit might have a 10% chance of success if you didn’t launch an unammed mission first. Chance of success if you did? 11%. If you did have a failure the reliability of your vehicles plummeted dramatically rendering recovery from such failures basically impossible. The concept was good but as a game it was just odious.