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  1. Personally I thought Fading Suns was fantastic. Certainly it was a product of its time rushed out the door to meet release with no support after the fact. That was just the way games were in the 90's. What it lacked in polish it more than made up for in style and creativity. Every complaint that the 3MA crew bring up about the space game genre was pretty much addressed in that game. Planets that matter? Check, every world was unique with it's own resources and map to interact with. Instead of the conquest of a world being two different coloured bars shifting one way or another you landed troops/tanks/aircraft/gribbly monsters from orbit and took the planet hex by hex. Conquering a planetary capitol with the assistance of the bombardment of ships in orbit is awesome! Interesting politics? Check, basically the game was set in a Holy Roman Empire IN SPACE with multiple electors determining key positions in the Imperial bureaucracy. Though the AI was about as smart as a sack of none to bright rocks multi-player games could get very cut-throat with players vying for the roles of Imperial Eye (Spymaster) and Fleet Admiral. Theme that mattered to game-play? Check. All sorts of interesting bits of lore from the Inquisition coming around to burn down your labs for heretical research to the mysterious Symbiot and Vau aliens, which could have been fleshed out more but as I mentioned rushed out the door. The game had character that popped up again and again. I would love to see an end of developers aping MOO2 and see someone make a modern version of EoFS.