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  1. Three Moves Ahead 515: Faction Design

    While I realize that the Dominions series is the epitome of niche - I was still a bit surprised it wasn't mentioned with its unbalanced and distinct factions. Instead most of the focus was on the big name well known franchises even though Dominions has many lessons that they could and should take to heart.
  2. I was surprised that Dominions wasn't mentioned even in passing. I know that its a niche game with a steep learning curve but I have grown so weary of the micromanagement that modern 4-X games revel in such as : turn-based tactical combat real-time combat civ-style strategic unit-by-unit battles Being able to design asymmetric strategies around your armies/units and pit them against opposing armies on a strategic layer is wonderfully liberating. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your armies you can get as much tactical detail about what happened and how the enemy behaved. The idea that no plan survives contact with the enemy is so true in this game but in a lovely and engrossing way. I still think this is the way forward and that there are lessons other studios could learn from the Dominions series and improve upon.
  3. So where does Dominions fall on this scale? There are tactics though you have limited largely indirect control. There are units that are favored and that you can develop/equip and prepare, but there are also plenty of chaff that Rob was asking for. There is a level of base building and strategic planning on top of that.
  4. I largely agree w/ this re-review. ES2 feels like you are competing against a database. There is little or no room for good counter-play outside of the somewhat sterile combat.