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  1. The annoying thing with Sid Meier'S Gettysburg is that my disk doesn't seem to read properly any more and there is nowhere else to get it. I'm not really interested enough in the American Civil War to go trawling through old interfaces to get a similar experience either. Rob must be happy that Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far just came out on GoG though. Weirdly it doesn't look anywhere near as good as I remember, still have nightmares about poorly positioned Flakk 88s!
  2. I'd like to see an episode on 'The Settlers' series in all its glory! Also speaking of glory, with the upcoming expansion to Field of Glory II making changes to the campaign system that will be interesting to revisit given that the Campaign was the worst part of that game.
  3. 2000 hours is utterly insane, I think my most played game is Dynasty Tactics 2 with about 300! Really interesting to hear you chaps talk about this game especially as I will probably never play it. I do wonder with this type of game if snowing you under with features is necessarily a good thing, I've spent over 100 pleasant hours in CK.1 but never managed to get into CK.2 despite multiple tries mainly because it seems like it is just the same game with loads of extraneous stuff piled on top! I think a lot of games could do with something like this, rather that boiling down to biggest is best.
  4. Episode 409: Field of Glory II

    I was keen to prove you all wrong by enjoying a nice campaign as Pontus, and in a way I think I did as I have no problem with the linked battles with a bit of flavour text in between. However what I wasn't banking on was it so brutally difficult, even though I'm only on the third difficulty! And yes I did lose far too many troops in the first battle but the Scythians are such frustrating opponents that I not going back to it and I'm too stubborn to give up. Suffice to say Elite Roman Legionnaires are absolute murder machines and beating a Roman army when you have fewer, poorer quality troops is a bit of a mission.
  5. Episode 418: They Are Billions

    I love the concept of this game and it is exciting that companies are experimenting with single player focused RTS games rather than focusing only on multiplayer. However, they successfully hit on my gripe with the game; 8 resources is too many for the elegance of a Starcraft or Command and Conquer style RTS but too few to support things like dependency chains and resources occupying physical space and requiring storage and transport that make economy optimisation interesting a la Settlers 3. This leaves it in a middle ground where you spend a lot of time building an economy using systems that are not very interesting. The mini-map pings and warnings about incoming waves also feels very gamey. Take that out and let me create my own early warning system with scouts, lookout towers, spotter balloons etc so that being prepared doesn't only boil down to 'do I have enough soldiers and walls?'.
  6. Nice episode, I liked the discussion about a sort of 'League of Nations' idea. I can see why this is hard to get right in Sci Fi as it implies all the species in the game have some sort of shared language, culture, ideals etc. and are both aware and communicating with on another before even exploring space! I think it worked well in Alpha Centuri where all the factions were descended from the crew of one ship and could work in a 'Foundation' like setting where the galaxy was once one great empire now fallen into barbarism and faction fighting allowing you to choose whether to recognise the authority of a 'Galactic Parliament' or not. On the subject of exploration; I think a lot of these games are too eager to provide information about other faction's government, leadership style, wealth power, appearance etc. immediately after first contact. Looking at 'King of Dragon Pass' there is no fact sheet or database than you consult to find out about neighbouring tribes, you build up your understanding through snatches of gossip from traders, reports from emissaries, rumours from other clans etc to slowly build a picture of the world around you in a much more rewarding fashion.