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  1. FUN FACT: There is actually one human that we know of (codenamed cDa29) who has functional tetrachromatic vision. There are two cone cell pigment genes on the X chromosome, therefore if you have two X chromosomes you might have some combination of genes that give you four types of cone cells instead of the usual three. However, in most folks who have four cone cells, one of the cones light frequency response is the same as one of the other three, so they can't actually see more colors than everyone else. cDa29 is special because she actually *can* see additional colors, her fourth cone has a response that peaks between normal trichromats red and green cones, therefore giving her greater color differentiation abilities. Color is way weirder than you think it is.
  2. In the same vein as Prisencolinensinainciusol, there's also "Skwerl", a short film in the same kind of pseudo-English. As a bonus the screenplay is linked in the description and it's fascinating. A big thing that gives languages their distinctive sounds is called "phonotactics", which are the rules for what sounds can be used in words and also where they can be used, like how you can end an English word with /ŋ/ (ring, thinking, etc), but you can't start one (this is why English speakers usually have such a hard time with the name "Nguyen"). So what things like that song and that film play on is essentially creating "words" that obey the rules of a specific language's phonotactics while not actually being real words in that language.