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  1. New fan of not only Twin Peaks, but your show. This has been my favorite Twin Peaks podcast. I saw some of the original series, but I was 8 or 9 when it was on. I saw Fire Walk With Me when I was 12 and actually hated it. It's amusing to me that on your podcast for part 8 you mentioned not knowing what a non-fan would think if that was the first episode they saw. For all intents and purposes, that was me - Part 8 was my in. I've gone back to watch everything and followed along with your podcast. Anyways, I quite liked The Final Dossier. I think Frost did as well a job as could be done of all the things he had to do: Fill in more backstory on the characters (such as Leo and Norma), fill in some more details from the 25 year gap, and provide some context to certain things in the show. I was satisfied with the stories of most characters. I don't care for Audrey's fate; it also didn't explain anything that we actually saw. I have to wonder if Frost based some amount of Donna's arc on Lara Tlynn Boyle's actual life. I actually don't feel like a ton was actually revealed. The big one people are talking about is the fact that Cooper changed time and Laura Palmer disappeared instead of having died. But we saw that very thing happen. We still don't get an explanation of Part 18, and "two birds with one stone" is still unexplained. Most of the things that felt like finality were character bits and not any "lore." Confirmation that Sarah was the "frogmoth girl" was...something, though it doesn't explain what that means. (Also, we were privy to one egg and of one frogmoth; we were clearly shown multiple speckled eggs of the type that housed the frogmoth come out of the barf; how do we know that some other people who fell unconscious didn't also have this happen to them? Just a dumb thought I had.) I'm also not completely sure what to make of the fact that Sarah's middle name is Judith. She was named that long before she was ever possibly "possessed," even if you think the possession began with the frogmoth. Yet that isn't something Frost would write if it weren't important somehow. Not sure what to make on that. Also, is it me or does it feel like this actually felt like at least partially a possible setup for the story to continue? I loved Frost's writing here as well; I think - in my opinion - that he clearly intimately knows the characters and I had no problem hearing it in the voice of Agent Preston, or Albert's voice in the autopsy, etc. Lastly, and I apologize for the length here, I don't see that anyone has mentioned this: Most of what was in TFD was guessed / figured out by most fans. But the book goes out of its way to link two things that I had not actually thought of: Jeffries and Cooper. Much is made of Jeffries' being distraught at learning what year it was. The last line of the series is Cooper asking what year it is and is clearly distraught. Possibly Jeffries dealing with "Joudy" led him to some messed up things which led to him being in the tin machine (I LOVED that they made David Bowie's character a tin machine, though I doubt that was intentional). Is that what is now Cooper's destiny? I also think that perhaps the Jeffries we see could have come back from a time during The Return (after his meeting with Cooper's double) thus his "Who do you think that is there?" with regards to Cooper. Perhaps he overshot his time travel and went back to before the double was out. He did tell Cooper to "be specific." I'll leave it there. Thank you for making a thread for this and I am still loving your podcast.