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  1. Based on the PDFs from the audio book, the only visual component that isn't a still from The Return is a page of an autopsy report.
  2. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad it answered a lot of questions for the "real" world while allowing Coop and Laura's story to maintain its mystery. I think what it did best was cast a lens over the season to sharpen its focus. However, Mark Frost really gets cruel with some of the women. That may be coincidental since Vivian and---Lana(?)--weren't his characters and he tends to happily disregard the ones he had no hand in creation. But there's no way to know for sure; regardless it comes off poorly. On the other hand, the way he casts aside Jame's story in the back half of Season 2 is particularly funny. The reveal that Sarah Palmer is the bugfrog girl *and* Judy wasn't necessary, but appreciated.
  3. Just joined the forum. Listened to the Final Dossier book this morning (it's just under 3 hours) and it answers a TON of questions. I'm hoping a new thread just for the book will be created soon. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts.