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  1. Designer Notes 21: Amy Hennig - Part 1

    Wow when Steve Gayner said he regretted not interviewing more females my first thought was Amy. Uncharted was a huge game in my life and its absolutely amazing to hear from the creator her self. Thank you for this episode set.
  2. Designer Notes 14: Mark Herman

    Wasn't expecting to like this podcast, honestly almost skipped it because of the board games aspect. Holy cow I'm glad I didn't. Good Stuff.
  3. Designer Notes 7: Brad Muir

    I love the Podcast so far, I just discovered it and I'm loving it so far. When Brad started talking about having just got a real job and "having extra income" it hit me close cause i just graduated with a degree in CS and just narrowly missed a job that would of left me in the same position. I'm vary passionate about video games and I'm at a point in my life where I'm trying to create a career and listening to these podcast while working my lowly home depot late night stocking shelves job has been the motivation i need to keep going and develop myself with personal projects so i can get a good coding job, maybe one day switch into making video games. Thank you for doing these podcast, they are like work out music for my career.