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  1. I Had A Random Thought...

    Not a random thought, but hopefully a random sample of responses/opinions... So, ethical behavior is defined by a society and morals are internalized by experience and observation. We've defined some activity or responses outside of those two factors as Narcissism and Sociopathy. The same lack of shame, sympathy, regret is part of what we call autism. (over simplified) I'm in my 40's and have a family member in the next generation diagnosed with autism, Aspergers syndrome specifically. The generation before mine is adamant that everything they're observing in the younger leading to that diagnosis is a repeat of what they've seen in me. I was a loner, reading constantly, absorbed in fantasy worlds. School was breeze academically but a horror interpersonally. Bullying was common and from my self-observation minimized through the isolation as well as suppression of opinion and vocal observation. My wife and children see me as distant, not talking unless asked something directly and lacking in sympathy. Professionally, in the pre-hospital medical field or military I affiliate with, the disconnect with emotion or emotive action is accepted to point of admiration. Logic, statistical analysis and risk/benefit thought processes determine what I do in almost every situation. I can offer examples of situations that have arisen, and will if it helps. I'm curious if anyone can tell me if this is a common situation. Have you see similar in yourselves? Do you pretend to be someone different to make yourself more acceptable in society (common tactic in aspergers counselling) or stand firm on who you are?
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, all! I've been listening to back log of Idle Thumbs (playing catch up), staying up to date with Important if True and commenting ineffectively at the dashboard through my commutes. I hope this is more fulfilling. At least it'll give me an out to watching more repeat documentary. I know "How it's Made", I can guess "What on Earth" it is but I'm always open to recommendations for new data sources. I hope the collective here can help me out. If the audience is anything like the podcast source, I look forward to the interaction!