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  1. @bowisneski Some interesting ideas in there! Thanks for writing that out. I especially like the part about Cooper leaving the same night Hawk was investigating Glastonbury Grove, I was just rewatching part 2 and wondering about the same thing.
  2. Regarding the scene of Coop speaking to the fireman from Part 1.. I'd be interested to know where you guys imagine it falls in the overall timeline? We see Cooper travel from the Black Lodge, to new york, to the purple room, to vegas, to coma, to the mystery door etc. I'm inclined to think when he stuck the fork in the socket he visited the fireman in the white lodge, received his download and then woke up %100, essentially an agent of both lodges. Thoughts?
  3. I must be in the minority in that I struggled with part 17 but thought 18 was amazing. Even if I was emotionally destroyed and disturbed by it.
  4. I can't stop thinking, what did that scene of Cooper in the Sheriffs station look like to everybody else gathered in the room? The long lost Cooper standing there amongst old friends, saying some cryptic remarks then yelling 'Gordon!' as he disappears. Maybe it was similar to when Philip Jeffries appeared in the Philadelphia offices? Will the observers have trouble remembering this moment too?