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    I started a musical project called Black Market a few years ago as my Masters Thesis at Berklee. The loose concept is, what if an artist like David Bowie or The Beach Boys had collaborated with Lee Perry or Bob Marley in the 70s? What would David Bowie and The Wailers sound like? I find acapella versions of their most famous songs, and then re record all of the other parts myself to give them a reggae band. Essentially I make authentic dub/reggae remixes of their music. In addition, I've remixed dub versions of TV soundtracks from The X-Files, Stranger Things, The Twilight Zone and most recently Twin Peaks. All of my EPs are free! At one point I was making one a month, but that output wasnt sustainable. Twin Peaks was my 10th release and its done really well so far! I'd love some feedback. Here are a few others: David Bowie The Beach Boys The Clash
  2. I'm a huge fan of Twin Peaks, and I've found the Idle Thumbs Twin Peaks podcast to be an essential companion to the series. I really love how much it adds to the show! I was inspired after finding (and lurking) this community a few months ago to make a Twin Peaks tribute album, since I'm a music producer when I'm not drinking coffee and eating cherry pie. I hope this is an ok place to post this! Didn't seem like it would fit on the actual Twin Peaks Rewatch forum. Let me know what you think! Thanks https://blackmarketdub.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-twin-peaks