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  1. Mr. C has a flashback when in prison. The scene in question starts at 1:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM2Y4Ho-SbE Scene as it is edited in season 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rjJ51N7qZY @pabosher Annie is mentioned by Hawk, when he discusses the missing pages from Laura's diary with Frank Truman, in which she mentions her dream/vision with Annie.
  2. It's an amazing write-up and I pretty much subscribe to all of it, plus a few detail of my own. Great work by that guy As for Judy/Sarah smashing the picture, it might be worth noting, that when we see that glass frame being destroyed, the edit jumps back and forth, back and forth, as if it becomes stuck in time for a moment. Exactly like the minute hand on the clock in sheriff Truman's office, it moves between 52 and 53 (or 53 and 54) shortly after Bobs demise. It could indicate that this is Judy realizing that Bob is destroyed and she destroys Laura's image in rage as an response. But it is necessary as part of the plan, it motivates Judy to find Laura at all costs, which is what the Fireman has anticipated. Here's another symmetry detail I noticed after re-watched the entire thing: - Gordon and Albert use the fake Diane to assert whether the imprisoned Cooper is the real Cooper or potentially someone else. - The White Lodge use the real Diane to assert whether the Cooper they pulled out from the glass box and into the Purple Room, is the real Cooper or potentially the doppleganger Cooper. Another detail: Lynch has slightly re-edited the doppleganger Cooper head smashing mirror scene from the finale of season 2: Frank Silva no longer jerks his head slightly backwards after the impact, revealing the trick. That slight imperfection has been edited out when seen in episode 5 of The Return.
  3. hi. first, allow me to say thanx to jake and chris for some amazing discussions on each episode. as for episode 17 and 18 of the return, allow me to offer some pointers, that might help you with interpreting what the hell lynch and frost were up to with this series. sorry for my lack of caps, but my keyboard is busted.i had to think for a while, after sheryl lee's final haunting scream transported us into a momentarily comatose state of despair.now i'm almost angry at myself for not figuring it out sooner - figuring out what lynch and frost were really going for with twin peaks the return. but i think it essentially boils down to this: much of lynch's work center around duality.while we have enjoyed many character moments of all sorts, nostalgia and tp mythology explored further in this season, there has been a constant underlying current of much greater ambition and horrific implications with us during the whole trip. we witnessed its birth in the now infamous episode 8 and it simply deals with a perverse interpretation of the episode 17 title 'the past dictates the future'.for cooper, it dealt with the possibility of changing the past in order to rectify the future. for a brief emotional moment, we the viewers, were led to believe that he pulled it off. laura palmer took his hand.but that narrative is crushed by the inevitability of what also happened in the past; humankind gave birth to the fury of evils own momentum and there is no stopping it. it doesn't matter what cooper does or doesn't do - from this moment on and until the end of our existence, we are forever trapped in the moment of laura's horrific echoing scream. coopers arc echoes freds arc in lost highway. these created realities of their own making, will only present the exact same evils they are running away from. you can keep evil at bay, but never defeat it outright. cooper thinks he can by saving laura (which is a sign of human arrogance), but maybe laura was never meant to be saved. she was meant to die. and so it will be in every new iteration of reality that cooper and laura are doomed to repeat forever. albert said back in season 2. bob is the evil that man does. how right he was. these were my initial thoughts. hope they can guide some of you, if needed. interesting note - the two episodes that went really deep with the inevitability of evil in our world, both has the number 8 in them - episodes 8 and 18. the infinity symbol that jeffries conjures from the owl symbol.