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  1. Just responding to a sentiment that bugs me in general: At no point did I think Lynch was trolling the audience. If you take 17 as a trolling of a series finale, then you're ignoring that he spent 16 episodes laying the groundwork to make 17 work on a plot and an emotional level. It would make the entire season an experiment in trolling, which is perhaps the most troll-y response to this delicately beautiful show that I could possibly imagine. If I had to take a meaning from Twin Peaks, I'd say that monsters can be defeated, but there is always another monster waiting around the corner. But that bleak reality doesn't relieve us of our responsibility to still try to defeat every single monster we come upon. In a way, he tells the same story that Cervantes told way back when he invented the modern narrative. It's all about tilting at windmills, because otherwise what the fuck else are we going to do?
  2. Here are the things this season of Twin Peaks taught or reaffirmed for me: Hell is other people. So is Heaven. There is precious little closure in this world. Don't be a fucking tulpa.