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  1. @Mentalgongfu I had the same thoughts about Sonny Jim not showing any signs of being evil. However, I wonder if the continual themes of identity and confusion, the split between good and evil in characters/their doubles, etc. and that Sonny Jim would still be, presumably, the child of a doppelganger with Bad Coop's DNA leads me to believe that there is a different reason for him being good. Perhaps there are subtle juxtapositions being made between Richard and Sonny Jim being brought up in different locations and Sonny Jim having generally stable family environment vs. Richard who grew up with who knows what kind of family in a town that is being frequently influenced by dark spirits. Maybe I'm just making it too complicated though. I agree that Diane is an open question. I still am not convinced she even said she was in the Sheriff's station and I don't necessarily think she is Candie, either. I'm just suggesting that given the strange timeline whatever is going on with Diane elsewhere could already being happening while doppelDiane is with the FBI. As far as why various characters may not recognize a different character like Naido as being Diane; we have seen a number of people, especially the FBI agents and those around them, with significant memory loss concerning past events. It seems that the Black Lodge is somehow changing their memories of what has happened previously. I don't like the idea of a switch-up with Diane's character but it still seems possible.
  2. First time posting. Forgive me if these ideas have been brought up elsewhere. I still think Audrey is likely in a coma in the hospital (although not an idea I like). 1. I think this would explain why there are these confusing parallels to what is going on in Twin Peaks. The truck/Billy account seems to relate to Richard the boy he killed. The fight that takes place at the end of the last episode relates to James/Green Glove fighting with Renee’s husband. The reason that these are somehow coming into Audrey’s coma state is because both Chuck and his friend wind up in intensive care, as well as Miriam after she crawls out of the woods. Miriam, Chuck, his friend, the doctors, and the police are all there discussing what is going on and Audrey is hearing these accounts in her coma state which is why they are being muddled in her dream world. 2. Do you think there is any way that Sonny Jim could be Bad Coop’s child? Either a child he had with Diane who was then adopted by Janey-E and Dougie, which could have something to do with Diane and Janey’s estrangement. Or, could he be a child that Bad Coop had with Janey-E under the false pretense that he was Dougie? Not sure what that would imply, but it seems possible. 3. If Diane is in the Sheriff's station we should keep in mind the non-linear timelines. She may be there in FBI time which may be ahead of what we've been shown in Twin Peaks so far. I'm interested in the theory that Candie is somehow related to Diane. She could already be in Twin Peaks by the time we see Diane's death. Curious to hear thoughts on these theories. There are probably a lot of details I’m missing.