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  1. Been out of the loop recently as I don't have a good podcast habit anymore (no more commute), but has to come back for this episode. Really cool discussion guys. I'm basically of the same mind as you - there were bits I liked, bits I was disappointed with but overall I had a fun time and are looking forward to seeing how they built on it. I weighted my disappointed more in my own review though because I really felt that it wasn't unreasonable to want a bit better from this game - even from a launch state. Like I was very disappointed with how Rome was handled, by and large, and there was a noticeable lack of character. Good stuff!
  2. I never really thought of how important Doom was for the FPS genre. My 90's gaming history is a little spotty, sadly - was born in '88 but I only really remember the naughties onwards (I have played 90's of course, but not sure when exactly). I've always held Halo as one of the most defining Video game releases. Not more so than Doom, but I think Halo gave rise to more tactical/narrative shooters. I always associate Doom with Quake type FPS. In terms of the rest, I played X-Wing, although like you guys said TIE Fighter was so much better. I played Rebel Assault a lot. I found it bizarrely hard and I don't know if I ever finished it. I completed Rebel Assault II. You got to make out with the main woman from the first game. My younger self found it neat. SimCity2000 wad probably the only other '93 game I played a lot (or at all). Didn't realise until this episode it wasn't released in 2000. Whenever I got bored I'd load up one of those late game saves the game was pre-loaded with and summon the Alien ship to come blow everything up. Excellent show guys, really enjoyable!
  3. Total Annihilation remains that one classic RTS that I never played. Dabbled a bit in SupCom 1 (and I reviewed 2 on console way-back-when) but as a 'strategy specialist' I've always felt a tad guilty for never playing it. Didn't realise this was the year A Bridge Too Far came out. Not sure If I bought it straight away, but as I posted when you last mentioned it I did spend a lot of time with it - definitely shaped what I looked for in wargames in the years to come. Just had a quick search, I don't seem to have my original disk any more! Gutted.
  4. Episode 413: Myth

    I seem to remember looking at the box cover for Myth countless times, but never picking it up. Not sure why these games never came to my attention, but my gaming was very spotty back in those days. So much I didn't play. They sound fascinating though, and I personally love narrative twists like the ones you describe for the first game.
  5. Episode 409: Field of Glory II

    I've yet to actually play this, although I dabbled in Sengoku Jidai last year for some research. That was ok, but I think this might be the game that I get into properly. Great cast guys! I especially love Rob's tales of woe - the delivery is always superb.
  6. Episode 408: Tooth and Tail

    Yeah on the second match I placed turrets down to defend against the spam, but then they just bullied us out of the rest of the map and starved us so I lost that way instead There's definitely more to learn, although I suspect it can be a quite unforgiving game at it's worst (like you just choose the wrong line-up or make a wrong step), but it's not one I feel particularly inspired to really dive into.
  7. Episode 408: Tooth and Tail

    Yeah I have to admit I bounced off the narrative for this pretty quickly when I was playing this. They hit you with the cannabilism sub text from the off and I felt alot of the revolution stuff just passed over my head so struggled to muster the enthusiasm for it. As far as multiplayer goes, I only played a couple of matches. First one I we got zerg rushed and another they bottled us in our starting area and starved us out. I feel the meta will definitely coalesce with the chesper units though. Quantity over quality usually wins out.
  8. I did my review based on the PS4 version when that launched (since we missed out on its original PC release) - it actually plays pretty well. It's a little bit more fiddly to control everyone as a group (and I didn't actually realise you could move everyone at once until pretty late in my play session), but I don't remember having any specific issues with playing the game on the PS4. The only actual criticism (which I don't know if this is true on PC), but I really wish clean-up was a little easier. Especially when you're using Shadow Mode to pull off these wonderfully intricate move-sets. I once had to take out, like, 5 guards using only two people, and clear away all the bodies before the other patrol came back. While Shadow Mode is really useful for pulling off combos etc..., the actual hiding of the bodies has to be done a person at a time and it can take far longer than it needs to. Your talk about morality and stealth games that judge you for going full-on murder is interesting. I did have some moments where I really questioned if I was supposed to be killing my way through the level (and I couldn't really see an alternative that would avoid alarms), but right about that turning point you guys talk about it does feel a bit like the game is trying to reassure you that, no matter how murderous you get, you're not actually any worse than the world around you. It's a messed up world and you need to do messed up things to survive/seek justice for yourself, so don't worry about it.
  9. Great episode guys, was really interesting hearing other people's thoughts on this as, like you said, it's not getting a huge amount of attention. For the record, the studio's previous game was essentially the same: a gorgeous space combat engine with a bare-bones strategic/rpg layer to fuel a campaign. (Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy) Deadlock's is a much better effort taken in context, but you can tell where they pour most of their resources and attention.
  10. Great episode guys. Your diversion onto Age of Empires IV made me think of the Empire Earth series. I never played three as i understand it was kind of trash but I have great memories of EE1 & 2. Especially EE2. I seem to remember it had a cool territory control mechanic. Did you ever play those? (Although I did/do have a copy, I never actually played Rise of Nations!)