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  1. This episode made my brain hurt a bit more than the typical episode hurts my brain...So basically the premise is that there's another ephemeral me running around doing exactly what I was doing 17 hours ago? Does this other me have any agency or is he fated to do what I've already done? Basically you'd have a 3-D memory running around as a constant reminder of bad and good. Maybe if I ever wake up from a blackout drunk I could follow my "delayed self" around to see what horribly embarrassing things I did?
  2. Yes. That was my impression too.
  3. Wow! Great find. Thank you for sharing that. Even the Seed is there.
  4. I calculated, and I might be wrong but..We waited 26 years, 2 months, and 17 days for Special Agent Dale Cooper to return. That's a long damn time. But so worth it!
  5. Noooooooooo. Why did you have to go and put the thought of that possibility in my head.
  6. I was thinking this same thing. But the MC introduces the ZZ Top music (with the gauge thingy), the same scene where James and Green Glove One Punch get in a fight and end up in jail...Maybe the lighting is a clue, seemed to be more natural lighting at times and then other times a more purple hue?