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  1. Oh and the part where Janey-E asks, "Dougie, are you sure this is a good idea?" and Coop answers, "It's a good idea," it sounds just like an old DougieCoop response where he repeats the last few words somebody said. So good.
  2. Yo, finally made an account after lurking for the last few months of The Return. Clearly this would be the episode that pushed me over the edge. That was my thought as well. I can't see Dale as knowingly taking over another dude's life. But as we have already come to understand... none of the doppelgangers are nearly as perfect as the original, so I'm curious what the "new-new" Dougie will be like. Hutch and Chantal were two of my favorite characters. There was always more to them that we could see at any given time. Their demise was fittingly over the top and hilarious (all because she was out of doggone cheetos). Bummed that their gone but they shouldn't have gone any other way. Moment by moment my feelings about this episode are evolving. After I got over the initial "heck yeah" I started to feel a little bummed by the rest of the episode. It felt like that excitement was all the episode had. But after I zoomed out, this episode was otherwise as heavy as the rest of the series, just with an extra helping of Coop. Using Muddy Magnolias super slow again in that sequence where Diane walks to the FBI hotel room was intense as heck. Knowing that Dick Horne was walking into a trap made it more cathartic when he got ethereally electrocuted, even if it was at the hand of his bad dad. Janey-E and Sonny Jim watching their favorite guy walk away from them was emotional. The ending of this series feels like Chantal's and Hutch's truck: as we roll to the inevitable conclusion, the path will be laid in blood and confusion.