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  1. Watched first 11 episodes this week. Feels much more like an 18 movie now.
  2. Excellent synopsis. Plus the subject of physical note taking..at Judy's diner, Coop says "write down her address on a piece of paper." In the original series taking notes was a large part of the story for all characters. Add to that Lucy saying I understand cellphones now after shooting Evil Coop after 25 years of ignorance. So many deep connections.
  3. The body is ready. The mind is getting there. 25 years. I was a senior in HS when 2nd season ended.
  4. Hey people, newbie here but love the podcast and have lurked the forum. In the scene where Chantal and Hutch are eating burgers in the van a visual shot of them through to the back of the van shows a shadowy figure pop up and down in the back right window. Looked like a woodsman type move. Did anyone see this? I had to check it twice. Is Evil Coop going to get rid of them once the final job is done or is this some other type of force?