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  1. I read that stone faced as the real cooper and the happenings in the sheriff's station as the dream. It was like a hackey end to a tv show intentionally. Dreaming of a better life he'll never get to live. Same thing when dougie woke up from the coma. Bulk of the season was in his head.
  2. So I was thinking about this yesterday. Could Mr. C's/bob's electrical manipulation be related to the fact he was (apparently) born physically from nuclear energy. I guess a lot of WA is powered by nuclear, and I'm assuming that SD (just looked it up. Pathfinder is he plant's name)is also. Is it possible he can manipulate nuclear energy. I understand this is a few episodes back, but the split that was suggested by the blast seems relevant especially since cooper now appears to be a whole person instead of an existential dichotomy. Episode 17 ended brilliantly and episode 18 ended terrifyingly.
  3. Haha oh my god. Well. Fuck me I guess. JACK NANCE THOUGH. He's all I have left.
  4. Since this season has centered around so many characters with the same name or identity having the half sister of Laura dern's diane, being named diane in something else does not seem suspicious? I understand that lynch has used many actors in several things (you missed Balthazar Getty and Justin Thoreaux), but the naming has always been distinct. Like I said it may not be a plot point, but I would be surprised if it wasn't intentional. If I'm not mistaken lynch has said that most of his works take place in the same universe. Oh shit we both forgot Jack Nance and Grace Zabriskie. Lynchpins of his casting, but they never had a clear connection to themselves.
  5. The lion WAS eating a face.
  6. I mean. Naomi watts played a Diane in a movie that had Laura and Ronette in it driving a relationship between the nightmare of mulholland drive and twin peaks. Even Laura Dern's terrible wig is a reference to Laura Harring's wig from MD. Anyone on board with this? I don't think it moves any plots or anything, but it's a neat reference.
  7. Has anyone brought up that Naomi Watts played Diane Selwyn in Mulholland Dr.?