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  1. Well. One might want to ask, then, why the author of this episode's summary explicitly calls it a gaming podcast. Or why the image that the podcast is advertised with, shows clear references to gaming, but not to any of the things that made up the majority of what I just listened to. No hard feelings though. As I said, I was looking for a gaming podcast. If "Idle Weekend" isn't one (despite being called such in the episode description), and instead focuses on things that are of little interest to me, then I'm obviously not the target audience and should just move on. It's a bit of a shame though because during the game engine discussion in the first 30 minutes, it seemed that the hosts _could_ offer some interesting insights into gaming-related topics. It then just petered out with a mutual "We can't talk about about the games we've been playing", which seems a bit counter-productive to hosting a podcast where games are a topic.
  2. Tuned in to this podcast today while searching for more gaming podcasts to listen to, and thought I might as well give you some "first time listener" feedback. The podcast started interesting with a discussion about game engines. Then it went into a rather boring discussion of a TV show that I don't watch. Then it went on to alienate me with a discussion of one of the most stupid and fake "sports" that I know of. Yes I know that people like it, and that it's apparently a big thing in the US, and that's fine. Different strokes for different folks. I'm just pointing out then when I tune in to a gaming podcast, then talking at length about wrestling instead is a pretty good approach for driving me away. And at the end of the podcast, when you asked to recommend the cast to friends, I really thought - why would I recommend a podcast where people talk about wrestling, I don't want to _annoy_ my friends. Anyway. First impression unfortunately ends up being negative. 30% of on-topic content (even if it's interesting) aren't really enough to keep me listening to something that's advertised as a gaming podcast. I may give it another try in a couple of months, but for now, I'm afraid you haven't really given me a good reason to keep tuning in, sorry.