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  1. Oh man, when James said to Hulk-hand "We're cool" I said to the TV screen "We've always been cool."
  2. This could be way off, but I think the place where Andy sat with the Fireman was the White Lodge because right before he was sent there, Andy was kneeling down beside the blind woman holding her hand - an act of love. Another thing that points to the white lodge is the fact that afterwards, when he's carrying the blind woman, he seems to know exactly what has to be done, just like Major Briggs. I'm confused about who James is now, though. He was wearing a deputy's uniform, but there's been no mention of him being part of the Sheriff's office, so is that a disguise of some sort? He mentioned something about making a "delivery." Also, I nearly lit a bonfire and danced around it when Chad got arrested, it was so satisfying. The part with him and the bleeding-mouth-guy (is that supposed to be Billy?) making noises at each other reminded me of when Bobby and Mike bark at James in the jail cells in one of the first episodes in season one.
  3. Maybe it was one of Bushnell's (Dougie's boss) boxing matches...
  4. I'm pretty sure it was "so much," I had the subtitles on and it said "so much" after Janet-E's line, so maybe he just lightly whispered it.
  5. I also thought it could be a matchbook flap. I'm pretty sure I remember Norma slipping Ed a note on a napkin that said something like "meet me at 7:30" or "we need to talk," but I can't remember when it was. I doubt it was something as small as that square of paper he was burning, I was almost positive he was melting his fingers holding it like that. I legit yelled "JUST DROP IT IN THE SOUP" haha!
  6. For me, this episode was the biggest love letter that could have been written to the original series. I screamed my head off when the announcer introduced James in the Roadhouse and I thought using the original recording of it was even more hilarious here than it was 25+ years ago. Jacoby and Nadine reminiscing over a moment shared with a dropped potato in front of the spray painted shovel and silent drapes was a lovely touch. It's nice that Norma has success with the Double R being a franchise, but I'm kind of disappointed about it. They're ruining the pies at the other branches, I can just feel it. And I don't like the smarmy business guy she's with, either. Sarah Palmer watching a looped boxing match really got me thinking. It was in black & white and the footage seemed old regardless...could that be one of Bushnell's matches?? There were no names mentioned in the audio loop, but judging by Bushnell's office poster, I would think he was boxing in the same era that footage was shot. A lot of people are saying the "double header in Vegas" is Janey-E and Sonny Jim, but what if it's really the Mitchum Brothers? I feel like they would have more reason to be killed than the Jones family since the Mitchums are actively doing more things, but who knows. Also, weird thing, what was Ed burning while having his DR2GO cup of soup? My friend thought it could be a cracker, but it looked more like a square of paper to me...not sure if it's really important. Maybe this is the successor to the Mitchum Brothers' "is it a bandaid?" dispute.