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  1. Wow I love that interpretation of Episode 17's utter zaniness. The Lucy and Andy stuff has felt so out of place for me this entire season, easily the worst/clumsiest feeling material of the Return. Deliberately using them as part of the meta commentary sorta delights me, though. After all, how could you not address the fact that this stuff originally aired on ABC in 1990. It's one of the most unique things about Twin Peaks - and the Return, specifically, is kind of an unprecedented thing. Truman's Looney Toons hat completely baffled and kind of annoyed me with its idiocy on first viewing. But now I guess it might be a hilarious meta symbol from the perspective of new Twin Peaks looking back at old Twin Peaks. Of course all the dumb lore rules established throughout the series culminate in an outrageously terrible Dragon Ball Z orb battle. "This is what you wanted, right gang?" This show is so stupid and good lol.
  2. Mike saying "finally" lol. This is Black Tar grade fan service and I am eating it up like an outrageous slice of chocolate cake. Edit: People are under a lot of stress!
  3. This thread/forum is just nonstop interesting analysis and genial conversation and then suddenly one combo-breaker of negativity always from the same source (you). Please make an effort to be less abrasive, or maybe find a community you might enjoy more elsewhere. Chris, guys are doing a great job. To salvage this post with some discussion: what did everyone think of the dramatic music swell on Diane saying the titular "Let's Rock"? To me it kinda felt a little like loosening a pressure valve early in the episode. When you get 11 episodes of Dougie and then the next episode is entitled "Let's Rock" I imagine many fans' minds excitedly went to same place as mine, basically "awwww yeah here we go!" But then it happened so early in the episode and so relatively unceremoniously that the contrast with my hyped up imagination was kinda brutal in the moment. Was the point just to troll the audience like that? Seems like something Lynch is increasingly interested in this season heh.