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  1. Did he give up on Bloodborne after part 6? If so, that's disappointing :/ These streams are what made the series finally "click" for me. I'd made a few half-hearted stabs at it before, but never got anywhere. Hell, IIRC one of my DS1 playthroughs ended on the character creation screen (couldn't figure out which class to pick, started googling and quickly got overwhelmed). I got my PS4 right around when BB launched, so I picked that up too on a whim. My friend had been hyping it up and I really liked the look of it, so I figured I'd give it another shot. Threw in the towel after maybe 30 minutes, wrote off the series as "probably really good games but just... not for me." A few weeks ago I somehow ended up watching the first couple parts of the DS3 stream, and it really helped me get past the wall I kept hitting with these games. Part of it was me saying "hell, if Nick can handle this while being absolutely shitfaced and hamstringing himself with a dumb gimmick build (and also often being comically bad), why can't I???" But the big thing that helped was actually getting to see how the map layout worked in practice. I was under the impression that you would have to basically do every section, up to and including the boss, in one perfect run. I'd heard that shortcuts opened up later, but for some reason I thought that meant like "alternate paths to new areas" or something. Didn't realize that each level kind of looped back on itself a few times, allowing for more incremental progress. So! That made me really tempted to pick up DS3, but I was worried it would be a waste of money, and I'd still end up bouncing off of it right away. Decided to reinstall BB and take another crack at it, and holy crap I'm loving it now. Beat Father Gascoigne on my first try and felt like a total badass. Last night I spent a couple hours on blood-starved beast, and finally took the bastard down. Up until now whenever I got frustrated or stuck, I'd take a break and watch Nick's stream up to where I was. It's been really useful in a few ways - I find myself learning from his mistakes (like, "oh hey, I just realized I tend to do that same thing there. I should watch out for that"), but also it helped a lot to see someone take a very different approach to a part I'm stuck on. For example, early on I spent an insane amount of time at the bonfire, carefully taking out the villagers one by one. I was trying to methodically lure stragglers off from the crowd with pebbles, but hadn't realized yet that you need to lock on, so it was... slow going. After a few hours I finally cleared them all, but immediately got pummelled by the troll. I was dreading the thought of going through all that again, but seeing Nick just cheatin' hitman his way through the crowd blew my mind like "whoa wtf, you... you can just... do that??"