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  1. Lynch answers something. Jeffries is not a tea kettle.



    Also, an intersting interview with the real owner of the Palmer household and how she came to star in Part 18. Mindblowing that Sarah Palmer watches that disturbing stuff on their actual TV.


  2. 7 minutes ago, tragicflounder said:

    I enjoyed it, the ending was pretty unsettling what with the screaming and all.

    Also, right before Carrie screams you can hear a very faint "Laura," I think it's a sound bite from the pilot?

    I'm not entirely sure, but I only heard while re-watching the scene with headphones on.

    As always, thanks for casting such a wonderful pod Chris and Jake!


    Sounded like Waldo the bird to me.

  3. 3 hours ago, Jake said:

    Those wrong band names could be a legit indicator actually?


    Also maybe: Roadhouse scenes when the sign was shown directly, versus scenes when the sign is upside down reflected in a puddle?


    I think there might be something to this. The Official Soundtrack cover is the sign reflected in a puddle. (Massive image so not linked directly....) Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series).jpg