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  1. Regarding ZZ Top, this Lynch interview from a while back is interesting.
  2. Bowie is literally a Tin Machine now. Charlie to Audrey about "Waiting for her on the threshold" brings to mind all the "Dweller on the threshold" lore from previous Twin Peaks.
  3. I'd love to think that, but knowing Twin Peaks, we'll probably have GoodCoop unconscious in a hospital for a while...
  4. Can't unsee... If the background is white... Shudder....
  5. According to Twitter, a Russian streaming service has leaked plot details for the remaining episodes, including the finale- be careful out there ;0
  6. So, for some reason, David Bowie's voice was redubbed. This leads to all sorts of questions...
  7. Amazing epsiode. Completely convinced now that Sarah Palmer was the young girl who was the unwitting host of the frog-moth which crawled inside her when she slept. Also, this David Lynch painting from years ago...
  8. So, Apparently "this is the water" from ep8 and the looping boxing match up and there's a giant owl in the mirror behind her.
  9. So, apparently the crazy casino music slowed down is this.
  10. Loved the episode. That James song - amazing. Word of warning - Sky Germany messed up and showed Part 14 so avoiding spoilers is going to be tough for a whole week.
  11. I think the titles are designed to troll or subvert expectations. Think about it. This is Lynch. An amazing lore-heavy episode gets an unimpressive title like "Gotta light?" Also see Episode 9 "This Is The Chair", which featured a pointless extended Lucy and Andy argument about a red or beige chair, before showing the actual plot-relevant chair later on. I really think Albert impatiently waiting for the French Woman to leave was meant to parody the audience. They know what they're doing.
  12. That stain on the wall looks very mushroom cloud-esque
  13. So, this is interesting. The wallpaper behind the woodsmen staircase, seems to be the same as that room in FWWM (Hi. Long time listener, first time poster on these forums BTW.)