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  1. Always had a feeling Sarah Palmer was the frogmoth girl.
  2. Yep, I was surprised how much the book answered. Hope there's a podcast discussing it.
  3. This is something I haven't seen discussed by anyone,
  4. Lynch answers something. Jeffries is not a tea kettle. Also, an intersting interview with the real owner of the Palmer household and how she came to star in Part 18. Mindblowing that Sarah Palmer watches that disturbing stuff on their actual TV.
  5. The fact that Kyle Machlachlan actually dated Laura Dern in the 80s adds more layers to that uncomfortable sex scene. It might also add more weight to the "Cooper crossed over to the real world" theory.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned but I've been rewatching and the fence / telegraph pole outside of Carrie Page's Odessa house is part of the massive Twin Peaks Lore download Andy receives from the Fireman. I guess that's how Cooper knew where to find her.
  7. I'm starting to think the ending may have been good. The Palmers' lives have been corrupted by the evil forces that lie in electricity. (Insert ominous ceiling fan shot here.) At the end the power in the Palmer household went dead. The electricity will control them no more. That fan will never spin again.
  8. So, just saw this theory on Twitter. Carrie Page = missing Page from Laura's Diary?
  9. Also worth noting the fireman at the start of this season says "remember Richard and Linda". Seems he knew this would happen.
  10. I think I view episode 18 as the start of Season 4
  11. i really feel sorry for the Podcasters who have to recap that lol
  12. It's been a real ride. This podcast and community has really increased my enjoyment of the show. I really hope we can reach a somewhat satisfying conclusion. Glad that this episode hasn't been leaked anywhere yet.
  13. So, I know we all think Naido is Diane reversed, but Twitter just drew my attention to the fact that Candie is an anagram of "C Diane". This also means that Diane can be formed from Mandie and Sandie's names too...
  14. TulpaDiane in the Red Room reminded me of Lynch's Dream #7.
  15. I just thought Audrey dreaming of Coop returning would be very Lynch like... Wait 15 episodes for the happy ending to occur then pull the rug from under us. I'm severely questioning reality right now.
  16. I think there might be something to this. The Official Soundtrack cover is the sign reflected in a puddle. (Massive image so not linked directly....) Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series).jpg
  17. What if... Audrey dreamed Coop camed back to life, and we really still have Dougie
  18. So, can we surmise that Charlie was a hallucination and doesn't actually exist? The way it cuts from him to Audrey staring at her reflection.... Also, it sounds like at the very end of the episode, after the credits roll and reverse Audrey's Theme plays, there's backwards speech?
  19. Yep. So weird how Sky keep messing up in Europe but kinda glad I don't have to set my alarm for 3am. Can't wait until I can discuss this episode with everyone. EDIT: They're removed it now. I'm filled with secrets.
  20. Regarding whether Twin Peaks: The Return was a success, the latest episode of The Watch podcast has a really interesting conversation with Showtime President David Nevins (around ~25m in.) Key quote: "Twin Peaks has been a real, demonstrable business success." Really worth listening to hear how The Return happened.
  21. Completely missed that a woman opened the door after the credits rolled.