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  1. Twin Peaks Rewatch 51: The Return, Part 16

    I know some things because of spoilers of ep 17 and 18 so I won't comment on anything regarding what I do know (which is only as much as the episode synopsis for TV guide blurbs would tell you). Loved the video effects of Diane's tulpa being deconstructed down to its seed. If Dale is intending to create a Dougie tulpa and send that back to Janey-E part of me finds that tragic. Dale's knowledge of everything going down confirms to me what I had sometimes wondered about Dougie - if Dale was always expressing agency as Dougie just in a different form and with some limitations. Pure intuition or something like that. Mitchum brothers fanboy for life. They're the PERFECT goons for Dale especially if there is a season 4 or a movie follow-up. Excellent.
  2. Twin Peaks Rewatch 50: The Return, Part 15

    I'm pretty bummed out. I'm pretty sure I have just seen legit spoilers for the rest of the season. At least there has been a leak of the episode summaries (for Russian tv or streaming services) so be careful out there! Edit - Spoilers confirmed by Mark Frost. Be extremely careful what you read if you're trying to avoid full spoilers.
  3. Twin Peaks Rewatch 50: The Return, Part 15

    Sarah Palmer's face was superimposed onto the jumping man when Mr. C is in the convenience store. If the red curtain room is the "waiting room" is the convenience store the Black Lodge and the mauve zone is the White Lodge? Maybe also important is this:
  4. Twin Peaks Rewatch 50: The Return, Part 15

    So happy for Norma and Ed. Ed's concern for Nadine's Dr. Amp obsession was a nice touch too. For a guy who's been retired for decades, Everett McGill can really act. Felt like the scene between Hutch and Chantel later was a cool evil reflection of that. We got a lot of moments between couples in this one. I'm assuming but I'm not sure - did Stephen kill Jerry and that's why he was so upset? I couldn't quite understand everything he said, I should probably watch it back with captions. Funny that Judy has been a meme in the Twin Peaks fandom for so long and people always thought it was just a stupid red herring. I was thinking the girl in the Roadhouse at the end would be credited as Judy, but I'm not really sure what happened there. The Audrey scenes are getting more confusing for me. I'm torn between thinking she's stuck in another world or dream that's just reflecting reality or that she has suffered some kind of brain damage since her coma and is estranged completely from the family. Richard admits Audrey is his mother, maybe she disappeared and is stuck some place that Mr. C put her? No use in trying to predict. Mr. C beating the shit out of Richard was great. Can't wait to see what he wants to tell Richard. Freddy going full Marvel superhero on those guys had me busting out in laughter. At this point, it's slipped my mind completely that Dale Cooper still isn't present in the show. I was okay with that from the beginning but even I'm surprised that Lynch and Frost would be this bold. If the last three episodes are really going to completely tie up everything then the pace is gonna have to be extremely quick. I wonder if they can top the intensity and pace of the Season 1 finale. Very touching tribute to Catherine Coulson. I was expecting a lore dump when Hawk called the meeting. Glad we got a very moving and human moment instead. The shot of Hawk standing sort of halfways in the light of the meeting room was incredible.
  5. Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

    A lot of people are really trashing this episode on social media. I think for the "Fandom" type of viewer who has a certain kind of attachment to the old characters I can see why this one was so off-putting. I'm looking at this as an 18-hour Lynch/Frost film that I'm watching in bursts. Not trying to judge or rate each episode as a discrete thing so much. As I've said in past discussions - I don't care how little regard Lynch shows for the fanbases attachment to these characters at all. I enjoyed the Audrey scene almost as much as anything in the series. Her impatient and hammy acting made me feel a weird and compelling tension in contrast to the extremely deliberate and slow performance by the actor who played Charlie. Multiple times in this episode characters show frustration as they wait and wait and wait for crucial information. Albert and Audrey. This feels like the kind of episode that happens just before the plot starts moving at warp speed. It's so hard to predict how each week will play out and I really doubt whatever I want it to be is going to be half as interesting as what it will be. I don't care about every thread paying off. When I think back to Season 1 even, there is this constant and almost overwhelming barrage of secrets and mysteries. Everyone is having an affair with their affair and has some secret artifact hidden in a secret compartment. Everyone is involved in some secret alliance or has some secret knowledge and a huge amount of it has nothing to do whatsoever with who killed Laura Palmer. It's just like Twin Peaks to reveal what looks like a dozen more threads that could go interesting places and then smother it completely in the following episode or just never address it again. For a surrealist director it shouldn't surprise people that not everything we see is going to lead somewhere in terms of a literal and coherent narrative. Beautiful moments between Gordon and Albert tonight. Albert may have blown a fuse waiting for him to kick out his fling. I'm having a harder time getting a grasp of Diane's intentions somehow the more information is revealed. Sarah Palmer knows very very bad things will happen soon. Also, I'm guessing Billy is the fellow Andy was supposed to meet with? Everything with Audrey reveals a hundred more mysterious questions but they could very well be answered by the most blatant and dry exposition imaginable. It was too appropriate for this show to reveal what the Blue Rose is in such a direct and banal way. That's easily one of the most obsessed over "fan mysteries" so to speak. We only see Ben's office which is likely separated from anywhere guests would be by several rooms. There's no reason to believe that it isn't busy. It seems likely that everything is real because everything going on in New York, South Dakota, Twin Peaks, and Las Vegas has crossed over at some point. BadCoop in South Dakota sends Hutch and Chantel to Vegas and talks to Duncan Todd. Todd interacts with Dougie. Jade sends the key back to Ben Horne. The FBI knows about the New York incident and both Coopers were there.
  6. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    I worked at a Wal-mart for about a year and a half, doing pretty much every kind of job there was to do in that place. Employees are abused, exploited, and mistreated in awful ways. One Co-Manager had a problem with disabled people, so he moved an overnight stocker who only had one functioning arm from Stationary to Chemicals department. That's the difference between the heaviest product to stock (paper, pens, art supplies) to the absolute heaviest (extremely heavy cases with huge bottles of detergent and bleach). This was used as an excuse to suddenly fire him for "slow performance". He even bragged to another manager that he did this just to have an excuse to fire the guy cause he didn't wanna look at him. Nothing was done about that. Another employee who was injured after getting hit by a customer's car in the parking lot got refused his workers comp (couldn't afford to pursue legal recourse of course) for no valid reason, and then they ran the camera tapes to find a time at 9pm or so when he briefly checked his phone while standing to greet at the garden center. Fired him for that. At Wal-Mart if you get two "strikes" you get frozen. Meaning you can't qualify for a raise (which is paltry anyway) or promotion for an entire year. My first strike was for using the bathroom three times on a single 9 hour shift. I came to work with diarrhea that day. My second strike was for refusing to unload frozen trucks because I didn't have non-slip shoes on. Taking pallets off the ramp of a frozen food truck is extremely dangerous even WITH non-slip soles, and I'm pretty sure it's some kind of workplace safety violation for them to even ask me. They regularly promote people without ever giving a raise or an on paper promotion. The way it works is they fire the department manager of some department then have a regular sales floor employee cover ALL of the responsibilities for that department manager without ever paying them what a department manager is supposed to make or changing their title. The unloading crew is on a much higher payscale too than floor employees. So sometimes they'll have a floor employee do unloading for several weeks to a month or more but at the same payscale and never being officially labeled as an unloader or given a raise. Not to mention all the creepy stuff like the Wall of Union Hate in the breakroom. Just a whole wall plastered with the FACES and NAMES of local union leaders and labor activists and tons and tons of anti-union slander. Literally I remember one piece saying that unions are just JEALOUS of wal-mart and their amazing profits and happy employees. If you work mornings you are forced to chant and sing with all the other employees, praising your store, and if you don't you can absolutely be written up for not being enthusiastic enough in your performance.
  7. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Sure. Well, I guess if anxiety is his only thing his happy-go-lucky attitude isn't really surprising. For those of us with a fun little cocktail of mental health problems though the picture looks very different. I'm an unusually grumpy person so things like that rub me the wrong way. All that being said I like Dan Ryckert in an overall way, I feel like his instincts and what's in his heart is to be a good and kind person and all. Don't get me wrong!
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    It isn't uncommon for a situation where a male is a victim of rape to be played for laughs, sadly. It's unfortunate that advocacy for male victims is so often tied up in a lot of other "Redpill" horseshit as far as the people being vocal about it.
  9. Twin Peaks Rewatch 46: The Return, Part 11

    Maybe I'm alone on this but I feel the hysterical woman thing has only become cheap when it's been tied into the plot directly. I felt totally comfortable with Truman's wife being as she was with no explanation at all, existing only as a nightmarish exaggeration of an already absurd fictional trope who just heaps outrageous amounts of emotional aggression at him for no good reason at all. As soon as it became grounded in the son's passing away by suicide and all I think Lynch's extreme and unusual manner of presenting melodrama or hysterical behavior in such a way as though a figure from a dream suddenly enters your world then I'm usually very interested. The more realized these types of characters become the more I see it as a cheap and lazy decision on how to treat a character rather than what I think it can be which is absurdist tragicomedy or horror done at it's best (at least aesthetically).
  10. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    I think maybe it's something about the levity with which he talks about stuff like that gets under my skin
  11. Books, books, books...

    As far as being another dimension of what's wrong with that piece, yeah you're right. Didn't mean to try to assume your intentions. I actually only recently heard about the scandal and I suppose it was particularly strong in the back of my mind.
  12. Twin Peaks Rewatch 46: The Return, Part 11

    I think this is just another Lynch character who exists to channel a mood or to be symbolic of a kind of overwhelming anxiety that intrudes into life at everybody's worst convenience. Not LITERALLY a spirit or supernatural being in terms of the narrative or connected to the lodge or anything but more like something out of magical realism
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Any Luis Bunuel fans here? I'm just getting into him. LOVED The Exterminating Angel but haven't seen anything else. This morning I watched a film called Un homme qui dort (The Man Who Sleeps). I think it can be found in its entirety on youtube. It tells the story of an alienated young man who decides to do no more in life than is absolutely needed to survive. He wanders around Paris while a narrator reads from his diary. He seems to accept some kind of ultimate truth in indifference but as the film continues on this presents an increasing sense of anxiety and hopelessness. Despite the nihilistic themes, it's a very pretty film and a relaxing watch.
  14. Books, books, books...

    I feel pretty uncomfortable with boosting Marion Zimmer Bradley considering she was a monstrous child abuser who helped cover up the crimes of other sexual predators. Edit - to be clear I strongly agree with your general point.
  15. Twin Peaks Rewatch 46: The Return, Part 11

    That was probably my favorite scene of the entire series excluding Jimmy Scott singing Sycamore Trees. I didn't think of it in a larger gender politics context but the compounded anxiety and disruption in that scene really had an impact in my gut