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  1. I'm Marco from Italy and i'm the game designer of a small developer team Wannabe Studios. We made a game called Astralis: Forgotten Fighters a turn-based strategy game inspired to Dota, League of Legends but mostly on Heroes of the Storm. We are developping the PC/MAC version of the game but we have already a FREE PRINT&PLAY version cause the game is born as a tabletop one. We're asking if somebody wants to join us as PLAY TESTER or simply try the game. We need as much feedback as possible because without gamers that support our work, it would be useless. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask For download or more info about the game visit https://www.facebook.com/AstralisForgottenFighters/ Check out this art for the Pc made by our artist FABIO CARRETTI HERE a preview of the FREE PRINT&PLAY GAME