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  1. i wanted to say thanks for recording this episode even though it was so late and youd been fighting with the recording equipment for 3 hours! i would have gone home. i hope you all had the best sleep of your lives after that also wanted to add that when i was in elementary i got an award possibly worse than "most improved", which was "most consistent"
  2. the elevator thing bothered me but for the wrong reasons. i take a lot of very slow elevators in my day to day life and i know for a fact that a lot of elevator close buttons do in fact work. maybe it's because you're american, but the building i live in built in 2006 has elevator close buttons that work. sorry you've had such bad luck with elevators
  3. hi! just wanted to say that i wrote into IIT about how i pronounce words weirdly, and it was discussed how nick pronounced segue as "seg". anyways, ive been trying to listen to every idle thumbs podcast and this was the episode where nick first said "seg". love the show so far, im on episode 15 currently! cant wait to be caught up one day.
  4. honestly, i just really want a terracotta flower vase
  5. my favourite part of this episode was as soon as one person started doing the "to me to me to me" thing, everybody else slowly joined in. like a flock of birds.