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  1. To speculate wildly off the deep end for a moment, what if there are more doppelgangers and/or possessed people running around than we think? Maybe Diane, after her bad encounter with BadCoop, tried to figure out what happened in Twin Peaks and got herself wrapped up in the lodge, and now the Diane we see is actually her doppelganger. She's certainly convincing in the prison scene, but at least some of the lodge spirits (Bob, particularly) are stunningly good actors. But in that case I'd expect real Diane to be in the lodge, and we've never seen her there, although I assume Cooper didn't necessarily see everybody or everything in there. Or, maybe fake-Jeffries is real-Jeffries's doppelganger and/or is tricking Diane. That does seem to match up better with the text's formatting being different on her phone and BadCoop's, and I think real-Jeffries could plausibly be in the lodge. What about the white lodge? Are there maybe good, white lodge doppelgangers as well as the bad 'shadow self' black lodge ones? Maybe that's what Laura is? The way she showed up in front of Cole reminds me of how Bob used to show up. And it sort of works with her being dead but not. The black lodge doppelgangers seem more physical than that, but it could be different for the white lodge. /nonsense
  2. I loved the last episode, but I'm disappointed with this one. It went heavy on the things I dislike most about the new season: gratuitous violence and an overwhelmingly demeaning treatment of women, especially compared to how interesting the women were in the original. That said, the worst thing about the episode was the Cooper and Janey E scene. Cooper is obviously not capable of consenting at this point, and Janey E knows he's not in his right mind even compared to however actual Dougie behaved, so this was rape. If the same scene was played with the genders swapped, it would have been treated seriously as rape, but since Cooper is a man it was played for laughs and the gravity of it flies over peoples' heads. I suppose it's not impossible that the show could surprise us and actually reflect on this properly in later episodes, but I get the feeling that Janey E and Sonny Jim are being set up to die in the next episode or two, in a 'I'm going to retire to the country after this last fight, and these are my lovely children' sort of way. If they're fridged to wake Cooper I'm gonna be real bummed, although on the other hand I've never liked the Dougie's family storyline. But hopefully it'll surprise me somehow, as it has before. I really enjoyed the casino scenes in this one, although the stuff with Candy seems like yet another instance of this season making women stupid for laughs. Outside of that context, though, I loved the slow, slightly creepy nature of her scenes in this episode. In general, the slowest scenes in this show are turning out to be some of my favorites, like the sweeping the bar scene. I'm not sure how Lynch is managing to make them transfixing rather than boring, but I am transfixed. I thought at first that the casino owners (I don't remember their names...) didn't believe the story about Dougie as bitter enemy, especially since they've met him and also don't trust the messenger. Maybe they're actually gunning for the insurance guy rather than Dougie? I can kind of see their last "fuck with us once, shame on us" conversation as being directed at him rather than Dougie, but on the other hand it looks like they're set up to murder Janey E, and I don't know where the plot would go if they went after the insurance guy instead. I'm also a huge fan of Nadine's drape runner store. That caught me off guard, and I like the perspective it gives the drape runner scenes in the original show. Nobody took her seriously there, but apparently she was something of a kooky but underestimated entrepreneur. I wish we got to see more of Nadine. I hope Lucy retrieves that letter next episode; I got all excited when she was watching Chad, and I thought that she'd confront him about it or contact someone else about it right away. I want to see her being active and competent again. I agree with whoever said that it's weird we're not seeing more investigation of the hit and run. The scene with Albert's date made me smile. I really, really, really hope they don't make Diane a villain. Good Coop has had way too rough a time and needs his friends to be his friends. I'm guessing/hoping she's being threatened by Bad Cooper or something along those lines. I'm curious and excited to see what happens with Jerry in the woods. Also, I want Cooper back yesterday, or at least for him to be re-united with Cole or some of the Twin Peaks people. : ( He's been out of it for way too long for my heart to handle. I feel like we'll get him back soon, maybe, but we're over halfway through now. I'd feel a lot better about it if I knew we were getting a fourth season; I know people say that's unlikely, but I can hope. It has at least exploded Showtime's online service, so maaaaaybe?