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  1. You know, one of the bigger disappointments of the new series was the confirmation that Chester Desmond did indeed exist. I'd heard and really taken on with the theories that the Chet Desmond sequence in FWWM was Cooper re-living his own failed investigation into Teresa Banks' death with an idealized version of himself (cool and aloof where Cooper was warm and kind). It made sense in relation to Cooper's imperfect courage, as Hawk warned; he had his own set of insecurities which manifested themselves in the alternate Chet Desmond persona. Seeing someone note that Chester Desmond and Dale Cooper's initials were opposites of each other sort of cemented that for me. I bring it up because, though our time with that final version of Cooper was brief, the Judy's Diner scene really felt more Chet Desmond than Cooper. He still immediately acted when a wrong presented itself, but there was a touch of cruelty in him. Also, a deep fryer will apparently indeed set off a bullet.