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  1. I hope you ain't talkin about Audrey, because she's never been that great
  2. Could have expanded on Jerry Horne in the woods a bit. His scenes are so short I forget they've happened until I watch a recap.
  3. I don't see how Roadhouse randos we don't know, talking about stuff we don't care about, could be considered anything but a waste of valuable time. Maybe it's just me
  4. These scenes are frustrating for me because I know the end is rapidly approaching. I can literally feel the show's overall runtime counting down to zero, and can't help but feel like they could be doing so much more with these latter-half episodes. There simply isn't enough time for "texture" at this point. That said, I loved elderly bellhop and old man banker from season 2... why did those scenes work, and Tedious French Lady feel so inane?
  5. Reminds me Joan Chen's in-character letter to DL
  6. Oh man, I forgot about that. DL's got some 'splainin to do. Also, while I'm not particularly enthralled with the Mitchum Bros. plotline, I did love their reaction when Candie was taking too long to retrieve Anthony. They almost served as audience surrogates for people who get frustrated with the slow, meandering pace The Return can have sometimes. My wife had the same reaction during the sweeping scene in episode 7!
  7. Really hope Lucy gets to out Chad for intercepting the mail. I've been disappointed in how she's been portrayed thus far in The Return... still can't get over the awful cell phone scene.
  8. Everyone's criticism to this episode is almost exactly the way I felt about episode 9, but I actually liked this one quite a bit. It does sadden me that Coop has now been catatonic for over half the season. I was cool with it for longer than a lot of people but it's just a bummer at this point.