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  1. Modern medicine is capable of incredible things. A comatose woman could absolutely carry a child to term, or at least viability, and deliver via C-section. Or maybe the Hornes adopted Little Nicky and changed his name. Andy and Dick did try to warn us, you know. I don't think the Audrey scene was real, either, or we are lacking some greater context as to when/where the scene takes place. When I first watched the scene, I kept waiting for the camera to pull back to reveal she was acting in a movie. Everything they said seemed deliberate, stilted and overly dramatic. The way this guy kept talking about paperwork and deadlines just didn't really seem logical. It didn't track. It reminded me of how the upset woman in the car talked, or Albert and Gordon's cat on a hot tin roof conversation: talking in a code the viewer can't parse about something we sort of, kind of, know a little bit about. Someone here said it was like being back in Invitation to Love, and I think that's not far from the truth, either in a dream/coma or actress!Audrey (I don't actually think that's very likely). This is the first episode where necessary info is given to the viewer via Telling Tammy Things, but I guess it is narratively neat that we learn things as she does a la TSHOTP. I didn't really need the Blue Rose explained to me - Gordon said REALLY WEIRD STUFF, and my imagination filled in the rest. I also kind of rolled my eyes at the token Chet Desmond mention, but Diane's "Let's Rock" was kinda cute.
  2. But for hours...I mean... ...okay. That makes more sense. Still, they seemed familiar with what they encountered.
  3. Shit! I didn't realize that's why Dougie went into the cafe. That's what I get for watching on my phone. I just heard the Mr. Jackpots music cue.
  4. Why did Albert have a gun? Self proclaimed pacifist, but also, a pathologist? Not a lot of field work there? I mean, maybe he's just the Scully of Gordon Cole's X-Files? Before they go through the fence, Gordon says to Albert, "You think there's one in there?" Not someone, anyone, but just "one". Are they already aware of the Woodsman (Woodsmen?). There's also the practiced? unalarmed? way Albert just grabs Gordon away from the doom funnel when Gordon starts to flicker. I think it's not just Gordon that knows more than he's letting on, but Albert too. Also the way Gordon says to Albert "Get a picture?" like Albert didn't just obviously take a picture. They walk over there together. Even if Albert is facing away from Gordon, he's at angle where Gordon might be able to see him taking the picture and if not, certainly infer it from his movements. I think this scene, along with the stilted conversation in the sheriff's office is entirely for Diane's benefit. Something about it seemed so off to me in the way Gordon and Albert were speaking and the way they chose their words. Some have just called it a badly acted or written scene, but I don't think so. I mean, the way Albert just forks out the picture and then pretty much stares at Diane for her reaction? We know Gordon "can't" hear, and we've already had one Gordon misunderstanding things (watch your language!) gag this season that was legitimately funny. Why try and shoehorn in this one that was so atonal? I think it was more a planned conversation or even code. A few things from the credits: Minivan mom is Carrie. Jodee Thelen is credited as Maggie, but remind me who Maggie is? Most notably, Al Strobel is credited Phillip Gerard, and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss an appearance by him in this episode. Unless, of course, we didn't know it was him. The way the Woodsmen are staged in Gordon's vision, we can't see the left arm of the one in the middle (right arm from the viewer's perspective, of course). I can't blame anyone for losing patience with the series and wanting something to, you know, happen. I'm along for the ride and enjoying it, we are certainly meandering our way to any sort of meaningful conclusion.
  5. Dougie's sex scene was hilarious, but IMO Dougie didn't and maybe couldn't consent. I think we're building up to Coop's eventual awakening in Dougie's life and finding he quite likes it - but something, of course, will go wrong. I just read My Life My Tapes and every single one of Coop's relationships or flings ends in death, destruction, mental illness, and/or general heartbreak - in addition to the fate of Annie and Caroline in the show. I don't think Diane is straight up collaborating with Dopplecoop, but maybe has her own agenda, hasn't realized (or admitted to herself) that it's not Real Coop, or is being manipulated in some other way. I'm a little confused as to how much Dopplecoop is supposed to be 100% Bob in Coop's clothing, Coop-turned-evil with an added dash of Bob, or what. Is he some twisted evolution of Coop's personality or is Bob controlling him all the time? I always though the implication with Leland was that it was a Multiple Personality Disorder style switch between Leland and Bob, with Leland experiencing blackouts, confusion, suspicion at something being wrong when he sees Bob in the mirror, etc. I guess it doesn't really matter, but I keep getting stuck on this when trying to figure out what Diane is up to.