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  1. <p>Hey @ALL ):- ... damn I already screwed this up. I don´t have words to explain how much I loved this episode. Probably the most enjoyable hour of Television since Breaking Bad´s "Ozymandias". At least from my perspective. I would like to comment on some of yout thoughts.</p> Yeah, me too. Very much. By talking about "places": Bad Coop is also looking for a place. And from the informations we gathered throughout the series this place will somehow be connected to this evil symbol on his playing card. The question is why this is so important for him. I guess it´s both of it. Some storylines just had to come to an end prior to the finale, because there is not enough time left. But with Cooper in 100% mode I presume that there will be a lot of speed and action in the last two epiodes. Same here Except of the husband and the camera. The return of Special Agent Dale Cooper was just so overwhelming. I cried in front of my computer screen. And from what I read on the internet, there are many people feeling the same way. He´s such a good character, I love him so much. This is very well put. There were some thoughts that David Lynch maybe is trolling a bit with his audience. But this episode was just the proof that he does not at all. I think he loves his audience. They are. They really are. Just look at the way they interact with Sonny Jim. Like father or uncle figures. They surely have seen this hospital situations before (this scene reminded me to a lot to The Sopranos, when Tony was in a coma). It was such a great moment when they ordered the jet and the Badalamenti score was played. This Main Theme of Twin Peaks is surely one of the best pieces of music ever written for television. I love that. Totally agree. And again, after 25 years, it´s so unique and different from other tv shows. To be honest I wasn´t quite sure before this episode, because of the rumors that Dale Cooper maybe wouldn´t return at all. But he did. Quite effectively. David Lynch and Mark Frost are fully aware about the expectations of the TP fans. And they just nailed it. Nice explanation and I think you are totally right. It´s confusing. Surely from Ray and Jeffries. But did we really saw that he has got coordinates from Diane prior to the scene in this episode? I really can´t remember. Not quite. Naido backwards is Odian. But to be honest i also presume now that Naido is the real Diane. Just a feeling. I am very bad with theories and predictions. Let´s hope that it will be revealed. Otherwise ---> The Final Dossier of Mark Frost Not obvious at all and a great reading. Could have been very much so. Pearl Jam has always been one of my favourite bands in the 90´s. So good to see Eddie Vedder performimg in this great show. Same here. It´s good that there are mysteries. In life and in television. Robert Forster has always been one of my favourite american actors. I just love these kind of father figures, which always seem to have an answer to everything, or at least pretending that they have. Just one scene with Frank Truman, Dale Cooper and Gordon Cole and my tv life would be fulfilled. I´m really looking forward to the finale and no matter what will happen, Twin Peaks will always be special to me. Not just because of the great entertainment but even more in the way how people worldwide participate and come together in this television experience. Love and peace to all of you.
  2. I think it´s good stuff, not weird at all. In my perception Cooper was guided through supernatural forces from the very beginning of the series. He had been always connected to The Giant and was able to solve the crime with a little help of his dreams and intuitions. Interesting questions you ask. I mean, at first there were Gordon and Philipp Jeffries, the origin of Cooper is not quite clear. My understanding of the FWWM scene is that Jeffries somehow travelled into future and knows about the existence of Cooper's Doppelgänger. And maybe that´s why he plays such a prominent role in The Return. Would have loved to see Bowie in this role again.
  3. Holy cow, what a great episode! Can´t wait to hear the podcast. Some thoghts about this amazing Part 14: - it seemed to me that Sarah is able to control this powerful spirit inside of her. And it´s interesting that the killing of that trucker was a response to his harassment. Because, in an ethical sense, you want this guy to be punished in some way for this kind of behaviour (which does not mean that I would excuse to bite the shit out of others people´s necks). I do not believe that Sarah will use this power to murder innocents. And because of that I don´t think that she is this "experiment" thing from the box in N.Y. - by talking about "mother(s)" I remember my first thought when I watched Naido gently touching Cooper´s face to recognize him in that scene in Part 3. I thought that this is typical for parents and that Naido is Cooper´s mother. Two Coopers / two mothers, one good, one evil. Cooper always seemed to me of not being from this world, which kind of strenghten my believe in this possibility. - I agree that Andy was choosen to visit the White Lodge because he held the hand of Naido und has a good heart. Love is the entrance to that place (would love to see it coloured, not black and white) - Someone mentioned the strange way of putting Naido into a prison cell and I totally agree...WTH? So very yrev absurd! I´m afraid that bad things will happen down there with Chad, Naido and the bleeding guy (maybe Billy). Did I see it right that his blood dissolved the floor of the prison cell? - I truly love Gordon Cole but I´m not ok with his handling of the Dougie search. Now Dougie is (again) in danger because of Gordon´s hint that he might be armed and dangerous. I hope the Las Vegas FBI section will not screw this up. Why didn´t Gordon just asked Diane where her sister lives? Not good police work Director Cole! Hope my english is not too bad. Love to read your ideas about the show and to listen to the podcast which I found just a few weeks ago. Nice work Chris and Jake, thanks for that!