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  1. Feeling pretty underwhelmed. Not sure I like all of the over-explaining of details - which, I know, it's Frost, so maybe I shouldn't have expected anything more. I actually think if I could un-read it, I would.
  2. Just started a rewatch of S3 and have gotten through Eps 1 & 2 so far. This series is utterly incredible on rewatch, when you have some idea of how things tie together. The proximity of the scenes of Experiment/Mother in the Box and cut to Sarah Palmer casually watching violence feels even more chilling. It's also plenty scary seeing Cooper appear in the box right before Experiment/Mother does - is she chasing him? I get the feeling I am going to watch this a lot of times.
  3. Ok, so I just started rewatching season 3 and oh my god this season is incredible on rewatch. I don't know if I should post here or in the 'wrap up' thread though as I don't want to spoiler for people who just watching for the first time - opinions?
  4. I just rewatched the S2 finale and am even more convinced than ever that Annie isn't real, but now I'm leaning toward being one kind of unreal thing or another built out of Caroline.
  5. Re: the question of exactly what was going on with Lucy and her issues with cell phones - I took it as that whole episode in the Sheriff's Department with BadCoop and Coop and the clock ticking back and forth etc as being a moment that reverberates into the past and futures of these characters, making Lucy's failure to understand cell phones (which she obviously understood the concept of in the original run) her 'Hold the Door' moment. Her involvement in scene, shooting BadCoop and having to cope with the idea of multiple Coopers reverberated back into her past existence and has made her terrified of the idea of one person in two places.
  6. Aw man, that is way better than me going through S1E2 to get a screen grab of the fish-percolator. Pro-click.
  7. Haha, fair enough. Maybe we won't get any closure on Annie, but then again, Mark Frost loves to wrap things up neatly (and was trolling about Annie on twitter the other day). It's a fun tension. Edit because I don't want to spam post up this thread: Has anyone made the obvious 'Jeffries is the fish in the percolator' joke yet? Sorry guys, I'm writing a paper and procrastinating by thinking about Twin Peaks. (Realtalk though, I love how coffee has been supernaturally important to this series and yet, universally, people are calling Jeffries either a kettle or a teapot)
  8. I didn't mean to imply Annie was crap-ly written - just that everything around her introduction was handled poorly! I like her as a character and wish we didn't need to ret-con her but TSHOTP completely erases Annie out of existence. It says Norma is an only child, her maiden name is Lindstrom, and that her mother (named Ilsa, apparently) died years before the events of season 1 - no Annie, no MT Wentz, plus Heather Graham said she would have loved to have been in S3 but was never asked. We've got to find some way to square that circle!
  9. Ok, apologies if this isn't the appropriate place to keep blathering about my S2 rewatch, but oh boy I am really starting to think Anne Blackburn isn't real. I don't think it was intended that way when S2 was made, I'm sure at the time she was just crap writing in an increasingly out of control show, but the way TSHOTP and Season 3 went it just feels like she can't be, right? Here's how I figure the ret-con of Norma's background and Annie goes without it just being a crude ret-con: Annie was always just a black lodge plant to trap Cooper. Somehow, they tampered with reality to either change Norma's family story (after the Dossier was written) or to just straight-up manufacture Annie as a tulpa. She existed purely to pull Cooper into the Lodge and trap him there. My only problem with this theory is that it is a little inconsistent with Annie then having the agency to tell Laura about DoppelCoop, which is why I lean toward the altered-family-history angle - at least that way Annie is a person who would have real feelings and agency. Or maybe altered-reality-Annie died in that suicide attempt that left the scar on her wrist and the version we see in Twin Peaks is a Doppelganger/Tulpa and the one who warns Laura is the real Annie? And I mean, honestly, she comes out of absolutely nowhere, no one ever talked about her before, and suddenly she's there? This is some (predating, admittedly) Dawn Summers shit. Honestly, Norma's out-of-nowhere-in-S2 family makes more sense as a weird Lodge plant. It would help explain what a cruel trainwreck her mother is - a mean restaurant critic can sure create some garmonbozia :eyeroll:. What I find very convenient is that a few months ago on Reddit, someone pointed out that Annie's last name is Blackburn. Black Corn. Black Fire. Black Burn. I'm sure this is just a convenient coincidence - I really don't think she was intended to be anything special when she was first created - but since it exists I am sure this is why Norma's maiden name was made Lindstrom in TSHOTP - to highlight the potential significance of the name Blackburn. If this is how the ret-con is working, it actually makes DoppelCoop laughing hysterically while asking 'How's Annie?' at the end of S2 work even better for me. Of course he's laughing - he knows what she is/was. I just hope we get some closure in the Final Dossier.
  10. The one thing I took from this is that, on doing the S1&2 rewatch I'm doing right now, I take as being at least pretty solid headcanon that Red is the magic-trick Tremont kid and is spreading these tainted drugs to create more garmonbozia. An aside from my S1&2 rewatch - I had forgotten that Sarah Palmer was physically (though not mentally, due to drugs/being unconscious) present on the floor for the murder of Maddy Ferguson, right after seeing the white horse. I sort of feel like this is as good a candidate as any for the moment when the frogbug 'awakens' in her - being present for such a distilled moment of suffering and fear.
  11. Well, and where Audrey thinks she slept with Billy (Zane), not 'John Justice Wheeler'.
  12. Young Audrey only liked soundtrack jazz. She even got it placed in all the jukeboxes around town.
  13. There could be multiple sets of coordinates, but just to clarify what I was saying: the numbers that KettleJeffries gives BadCoop are literally the exact (North) coordinates that are written on Ruth's arm - at least in the photo that we see. Given all the speculation about communication between Diane/Jeffries/BadCoop, and speculation about whether or not Albert photoshopped the coordinates on Ruth's arm before he showed them to Diane, I think it stands to reason that there's a connection there. The question re: these specific coordinates is - are they the real coordinates that Ruth/Bill got from Garland & were initially written on Ruth's arm? Did Jeffries get them from Diane (i.e., is that who Diane is texting) and then give them to BadCoop? Assuming Albert didn't photoshop the coordinates, either he got them from Diane via text or he independently got them from the same third party that Ruth & Bill did. If Albert DID photoshop them, then we have confirmation of Jeffries and Diane communicating. Next week can't come soon enough . Unrelated: If Judy is Garland that is absolutely going to make my year.
  14. I haven't seen this mentioned (but maybe it is so obvious it goes without saying) but the JeffriesKettle seems to be giving BadCoop the coordinates of Twin Peaks - the same as on the murder victim's arm (which I suppose means that Albert didn't photoshop it before showing it to Diane). The weird thing is though if this is what BadCoop's been after, isn't it a little obvious? He seems to have all GoodCoop's memories so he should know where Twin Peaks/Glastonbury Grove is. Incidentally, does this confirm that Diane is working for Jeffries and that she gave him those coordinates?
  15. Nope. Leland literally describes how he first met BOB at his grandfather's house by Pearl Lakes (which is near Glastonbury Grove...) as a young child and how he let him inside himself. Without a major retcon this isn't possible.