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  1. Did anyone notice if Dougie had cooper's bullet wound? They never showed his body straight on, and I feel like the doctor should have noticed it. If that is coopers body and suit, shouldn't the wound be there?
  2. I didn't mind this episode so much. Not sure how long it will take to get the image of Dougie's 'O' face and flapping arms out of my eyes though. On the topic of Richard Horne- It seems more complicated to just assume Bad Coop is the dad. I think more that he is Bob's. Bob was using Leland to rape Laura for years, and it was revealed in her diary that she was pregnant. Bob seems to be using Bad Coop as a bridge/connection to be outside of the lodge for the last 25 years since he hasn't possessed anyone else(that we know of) and to me most likely used his body to rape Audrey. Then Audrey actually had the baby. This makes me curious about the baby that Laura would have had. Bob seems to have this large end game reaching across the country and maybe that involves spawning more demon babies? They have had their prostitute ring running out of the Bang Bang Bar for decades think of all the evil Bob babies that could be out there. Although Bob seems more selective and have purpose with his victims since we only know that Laura and Audrey became pregnant.. My other big take away from this season so far has been that throughout all of this seasons surreal visuals and moments, nothing has seemed more unsettling to me than Jerry Horne being a scared old many screaming for help in the middle of the woods(I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM), or seeing poor Johnny tied to a chair, with his mouth wired shut, and staring at a fucked up looking teddy bear robot repeating the same phrase over and over. They both seem to be prisoners trapped in their own minds and bodies and I felt incredibly uncomfortable watching it.