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  1. There's so many echos of the rest of the show in part 18. But they are in such different contexts. There's Judy's diner, which is the ultimate evil in the other world. There's the homeowners, the Tremont's and Chalfont's, which are lodge spirits in the other world. There's Laura/Carrie, who only seems to relate visually. Cooper/Richard/Diane and Linda. There's things that aren't mentioned too, like the worlds largest Jackrabbit that's in Odessa. (I found this on another Twin Peaks forum). The show doesn't really make any connections between these things, apart from them being named the same things. It really feels like that thing where something has a totally different context in a dream. Its hard to believe that the Judy's, Chalfont's, or the Jackrabbits, relate in any meaningful way with their doubles on the other side of the barrier. This feels somewhat backed up by the Wizard of Oz, where the symbols from Dorothy's real life are re-interpreted into characters and places in Oz. It happens a bunch in the kinda sequel Return To Oz also. The weird thing with the end of Twin Peaks is that Cooper/Richard seems to encounter these symbols after he has waken up. I always want to find meaning behind this obsessive doubling of things in Lynch's stuff. But I always come up short. I often think he just likes changing the symbology of things, and ramming it into a different context. It gives everything an incredibly mysterious feeling. Its like the other stuff he does. Its more textural than actually meaningful in any plot scene. ..........maybe? Something I don't think I've seen pointed out. Remember those weird metal things that we first see(I think) in the bit where Naido throws the switch and is thrown up into the air? The Fireman also has one, and I think Jeffries is supposed to be inside one. There's a shot in Part 17, as the Fireman sends Evil Coop to the sheriffs station, where you see loads of these all jammed into a room. What are they! I can't help but see them as some kind of traffic control stations for all the electricity flying around, and I somewhat hate that. Anyone have any ideas on what they are? They seem important.
  2. If the Vegas cops throwing the info they found out into the trash is the last we see of them. It'll be perfect.
  3. So many of the scenes seem to have a pretty clear political bend to them. I find it strange that this isn't more of a theme in the main storyline. It's talked about in almost every episode, yet goes nowhere. I don't know, it keeps coming up as a weird dead end. Despite my sympathy for this viewpoint, it's such an unexplored theme that it feels simplistic and slapped on. Maybe it's just a little underdeveloped. Heres a bunch of scenes off the top of my head that are examples of this. It suggests a theme but it doesn't feel like it connects to what I'm seeing in the rest of the world. - Norma being asked to compromise her product for profit. - The guy from the trailer park selling his blood - Jayne-e speech to the hit men about being in the 99% - Jayne-e talking about their old car to the Fuscos - Dr Amps whole thing - oddly I think we are supposed to assume Nadine is doing quite well but who knows if her store is a success. - I think we are supposed to get the impression that Ed's place isn't exactly hopping - no customers and a cash for repairs sign. I don't think I'm explaining myself well. Perhaps it's because this show doesn't do traditional world building that I'm confused. I mean, none of the locations feel like characters like Twin Peaks did in the first 2 seasons, so I'm struggling to get a read. Deer Meadow also had a really strong personality.
  4. Just loved this episode. Holy shit James. That was how to knock fan service out of the park. So good how it somehow made all the other roadhouse acts feel worth sitting through. Well done chaps, that was the punch line to a joke I didn't even know was coming. Loved it on so many levels.
  5. Great episode. For me the whole sequence with bobby in the RR was dynamite. I love all the instances of familial cycles repeating themselves. It adds more weight to the theory that bad coop is Richard Hornes father. I'm a little uncomfortable with that, but it fits into the narrative nicely. I'm a little confused though. Do shaking hands when you come in contact with one of the portals/lodges have anything to do with the ring? I'm hazy on what the ring signifies, but I thought it had something to do with entering the lodge. Do your hands shake if you arnt wearing it? I remember Dougies arm went numb before he got pulled into the lodge, but he was wearing the ring right? The portal scene lacked punch for me, as everyone took all the weirdness in their stride. Diane was so calm when she watched the woodsmen crawl up to the car. She acted like someone who felt no personal danger in the really scary scenario. Nor did Albert or Cole. The cop was the only character who reacted in a way I could understand, which is why his line hit so well I think. Lastly, I want some progress on why Dougies engagement ring was in Major Briggs stomach. I assumed it was a clue on how Bad Coop has manufactured these bodies, but now I think that's the real Major Briggs, I don't see how they relate.... Maybe it's an attempted frame by Bad Coop? As others have mentioned, the editing is so odd, and I'm not yet sure it adds much to the atmosphere. It feels more like a logistical decision rather than an artistic one. It's certainly a style of editing and shooting that would appeal to someone would likes to think of film making in terms of scenes and layered textures.
  6. @Schnapple I'm sure you are right and there's a reason Bad Coop doesn't just confront Dougie. But at this point, balancing an anvil on top of a door would be a more effective way of dealing with him, and it would sure simplify the plot a bunch. Something tells me that roadrunner gag would appeal to Lynch too. Kyle is doing a great job with Bad Coop and Dougie though. What an amazing face, and, it turns out, body too.
  7. Another layer of hit men will be coming for Dougie then? Is that going to be the 5th set?? Omg, move it on please. We now have these people who have at one time been after Dougie: Faraday from Lost, who he owed gambling debts to. The first round of hitman sent by Lorraine, through Duncan Todd, by Bad Coop. Ike the Spike sent by Duncan Todd through Bad Coop. And the ones still to come: I'm assuming Duncan Todd and Dougie are the double header Bad Coop asked Hutch to do(after the warden of course). He says it's in Vegas. And now the Casino brothers are after him too. Again, this is Duncan Todd's doing, who seems to work for Bad Coop. I have no idea what Bad Coop is up too. Why not just get on a bus and go kill him yourself? I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why they wrote it this way. Why make something so simple feel so complex? Having all these characters doing essentially the same thing dilutes all of them. Is it just meant to show us that Dougie radiates good fortune and can survive anything? Luckily the cops, casino guys and Dougie are all entertaining to watch. Otherwise this would be really hard going. I'm wondering if this would be better if it was all set in one location. Then the characters could be involved in multiple plot lines. I wish the Vegas cops, the buckhorn cops, and the new twin peaks cops were the same. Duncan Todd and Red could be one character. Ike the spike and Richard Horne could be the same person. I don't know. These are silly ideas when we haven't seen the whole show. But at this point, I wish they had collapsed the cast somewhat.
  8. Great post TurboPubx-16 , you nailed it I think. There was so much complexity in the relationships between Laura/Leland/Coop, that is removed now its just a cosmic fight between forces from outside earth. The human characters might as well not exist at all. It explains away their behavior with a wave of the hand. It was never their fault! They were puppets! David Foster Wallace wrote that Lynch's characters seemed to wear evil, rather than actually being it. I guess that's the interpretation we have to apply to all of Twin Peaks characters now too. Lynch has a history of these kind of stories though. What is Frank Booth except a pure symbol of evil. There's not a lot of complexity in that character. However, Blue Velvet is saved by having Jeffory. A character who is wavering on the edge of goodness/darkness. Jeffory's facination with Frank is what makes that movie so interesting. No-one is conflicted in Twin Peaks. We have amazing visuals, with a shallow story. Kinds like a CG Super hero blockbuster. Its a really dull vision of good and evil. I really hope this turns around and I'm proved wrong.
  9. How Ray got the drop on evil coop is a real mystery to me. It seems weird that the warden got Ray to do it since Evil Coop makes it clear if he dies, the info he has on him will get out. He also suggests he sent the other dog legs to people who will visit the warden in the event he dies. But then the gun in the glovebox isn't loaded..... So he must be involved??? But also, Ray has a contract to kill Evil Coop right? That's the reason Evil Coop killed Darya. She tells him her and Ray would split half a million once the job is done. I guess that's the money they are talking about. All this stuff seems needlessly convoluted. There's endless layers to all the hitman stuff, and it doesn't seem to be in service of anything interesting yet. Sadly I'm hating the lore they are introducing. The lodges were only interesting to me when they were telling me things about the characters. I loved BOB in relation to Leland's desire for his daughter, or as Laura's attempt to shield herself from the truth about her dad. I loved the lodges as a bursting of the dams of all the guilt, betrayal evil and goodness in the town. Created by the characters. Manifested into reality. So instead, BOB birthed from "mother" during an atomic blast. What does that tell me about the characters or the nature of evil? Or anything at all? I guess it says "atomic bombs are bad!!!!". The beauty of many of the images doesn't really make me feel better about this. I hope I'm missing something here!!! I've loved almost everything so far. If this does turn out to be great in the end, they are telling the story in the wrong order.