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  1. Thanks for checking this - I was going to rewind and get that URL. Figured they would make a site for it. Unfortunately, it seems to be mostly an intricate ad for the soundtrack to the show - clicking the link for older journal entries plays a dark scrambled/pixelated video with a lot of digital interference on the audio, but it is just playing songs from the soundtrack. Also, the mailing list link says you are signing up to get emails from Rhino Records. Still pretty cool though - the site design is pretty reminiscent of old 90s supernatural/interdimensional/conspiracy sites and the old Heaven's Gate cult website : http://www.heavensgate.com/ I'm going to go through the recommended reading links tomorrow - probably some cool stuff they actually linked in there haha. I love the attention to detail and how rich they are making this world. I'm halfway through "the secret history of twin peaks" now and really enjoying it. That video you found linked in the page source but not on the site is a scrambled image of the convenience store from the Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima sequence in episode 8 - the one that had all the Woodsman skittering about outside.
  2. Of course tonight is the night I am visiting my folks and my pops says "I don't care if I won't get it, I'll watch Twin Peaks with you if you really have to watch it TONIGHT." I said, "sure, I mean...I probably won't understand half of what's happening either, so you'll be ok." Yeesh... 😬😬😬 pretty sure he thinks I'm insane now. He literally said "you know you are probably the only person in this county watching this right now, right? Like, can there be more than a couple thousand people total that are interested in this?" Lol That said, I thought it was pretty enthralling, a lot of interesting info revealed and the sound design in particular was spectacular. Gonna make my film student roomie watch this one to make the case for watching the rest of the show - anything that made THIS possible on TV MUST be worth watching, right?