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  1. Did anyone catch the date Bill Hastings signed on the picture of Major Briggs? It looked like 9/20, but he was whimpering while talking, and he could have said 9/29 (which would match with the dates of the Truman, Bobby and Hawk scene, as they remark 10/1 is two days away). If the dates are indeed different, it would seem that the action taking place in Twin Peaks is ahead of what's happening in the Dakotas, both with Bad Coop and Gordon & Co. I wonder what significance this will have when the plotlines finally converge - and if it has to do with Mike's "Is it future, or is it past?"
  2. One thing I enjoyed about this episode was the slomo effect that happened whenever one of the demons/woodsmen said "gotta light?" It reminded me of Maddy's death back in Season 2, and tied the heavy Mark Frost lore together with the Lynchian directing and imagery.
  3. As someone who likes this stuff but is also struggling with the extremely slow progression of plot this season... I have to say my immediate response was total frustration. Especially after finding out we have to wait two weeks until any new material. BUT, I can feel like a lot of people (myself included) will appreciate it a lot more once the season wraps up.