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  1. The entire scene in the Double R that led into the traffic was a baffling nightmare. The woman carelessly holding the pistol with her finger while shouting, the child looking directly at Bobby while seemingly immune to everything that's happening around him, the CONSTANT honking from the car with a very intentionally obscured driver, the reveal of the driver shouting frantically and the terrifying child rising from the shadow of the passenger seat. Ugh, just perfect. I was a fan of Dana Ashbrook and the Bobby Briggs character (the melodramatic idiot that he was) so I'm glad to see what a strong presence he's forming in this new season as well. Maybe we'll get a scene with him and Big Ed next episode? The Mitchum brothers and the girls were just great. Wonder what Tom Sizemore is gonna do now... Don't know about anyone else, but the scenes with Dougie where you see him so faintly grasping on to some thread of his past life are utterly heartbreaking. The soft piano music and Dougie's fixation tore me up.
  2. Anyone else kinda nervous whenever someone opens up their hotel room door? I kinda love the Silver Mustang gang. Also, I totally thought Audrey was gonna stroll up to the Horne residence/Ben was gonna call her.
  3. Wasn't expecting this much Chad discourse.
  4. I guess Bill Hastings' site is real?
  5. Seeing this CG now after episode 8 is just... Man. What a show.
  6. I somehow doubt Lynch or Frost want Laura as an agent of divinity. It divests her of her choices and opts to make her tragedy a product of fate. I think they probably know that. I don't know about others, but I sort of view the original Twin Peaks run and FWWM as separate of each other. They're so visually and tonally distant that it's hard to see them existing in the same space; I also think that helps me appreciate their individual intentions. I originally figured The Return would occupy the same space as FWWM, but even it feels like its blooming out so much further from the (very personal) story of FWWM. I wont be too heartbroken if The Return does embrace a sort of hammy cosmic battle, because it already feels relatively divorced from the nuanced depictions of characters in the earlier series. Maybe I'm just giving them all a pass because I enjoy watching Lynch do his thing. At any rate, what a stunning episode.