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  1. The sex scene was, like many other things in that final episode, an echo of something familiar, while still being entirely different. The more I think about episode 18, the more it feels like such a baffling nightmare. Oddly, the thing that sits the most with me was the corpse in Laura's(?) house. Cooper sees it and barely reacts, and there's no direct mention of it. Why did she feel okay letting an FBI agent see it? Why was there an automatic weapon there? Is this just an extreme way of letting us know she's in as much trouble as she ever was? Also, was that dude eating creamed corn before he died?
  2. Jerry walked, like, 500 miles. Haha.
  3. Twin Peaks simply doesn't conclude. It cannot.
  4. Oh my god, Cooper is back and is bringing the old Twin Peaks with him. -The demise of Chantal and Hutch was utterly amazing. There's just a powder keg waiting to explode around the Jones household with the Mitchum's, the FBI, and the hitmen, but then just some random dude in the area is the reason it all goes south. Amazing. -I was so shocked when Audrey appeared normally at the Roadhouse, but then... Audrey's dance. -I hope Richard Horne got to find out who Mother is (Assuming he went to the mauve zone) "Goodbye my son." lol -Many great musical cues in this episode.
  5. The roadhouse bit with Charlyne Yi was extremely upsetting.
  6. Quite a bit happened, but all I can think of is that bar scene. Sarah...
  7. That's an interesting catch in the reflection. Very difficult to see it, but even the intimation of it being slipped in under our noses is enough to unsettle. It really feels like something is happening in Twin Peaks. It's surfacing as a repeating TV, a hum in the corner of an office, a strange rash on a woman's arm, a gun accidentally discharging in a crowded intersection. Some of the time it's innocuous; a harmless confusion. Other times the opposite, like a child getting run down in a crosswalk. They're a collection of incidents all bubbling toward the surface like the violent micro explosions at the heart of the nuclear bomb. Is something being made? Unmade? It's hard to say anything for sure at this point, but the steady beat of unease has fully announced itself and it's growing louder. Episode notes -Bless the Mitchums, I wish we could watch them forever -I loved the way Sonny Jim playing on the gym set was shot. Looked totally artificial— like a school play -Great payoff for Janey continually saying how bad their car was in earlier episodes -Audrey's scene felt like a fever dream. Or, rather, that she just realized she was in a fever dream -The arm wrestling bit felt like it was out of a different movie, then quickly turned back into Twin Peaks S3 as the guy got his face caved in. -Big Ed!
  8. Yeah, I have no idea where/if the book fits into any of this. Especially regarding Tammy.
  9. Remember when James showed up for a second in episode 2?
  10. Well that was a bit of a snoozer. I always find myself minorly disappointed when the episode skews away from Vegas (what a weird thing to think about Twin Peaks). Audrey's scene was kind of hilarious; fans were chomping at the bit to get anything with her, and we're treated to the most unceremonious direct cut to her with a drawn out, inscrutable, static conversation. Hope y'all like Billy Zane!! I guess my highlight was anything involving Sarah Palmer. Very happy to have her back on screen in any capacity. When Hawk asked if someone was in her house and she responded no, there's "Something in the kitchen" I got a bit creeped out. "It is in our house now." I know it's kind of tired to suggest something strange is going on with the timeline of events, but at this point in the story i'm having a difficult time internalizing when events are happening in conjunction to one another. At this rate I'm guessing Jack Rabbit's palace is gonna be visited in the finale just after a three second vignette of Big Ed.
  11. The entire scene in the Double R that led into the traffic was a baffling nightmare. The woman carelessly holding the pistol with her finger while shouting, the child looking directly at Bobby while seemingly immune to everything that's happening around him, the CONSTANT honking from the car with a very intentionally obscured driver, the reveal of the driver shouting frantically and the terrifying child rising from the shadow of the passenger seat. Ugh, just perfect. I was a fan of Dana Ashbrook and the Bobby Briggs character (the melodramatic idiot that he was) so I'm glad to see what a strong presence he's forming in this new season as well. Maybe we'll get a scene with him and Big Ed next episode? The Mitchum brothers and the girls were just great. Wonder what Tom Sizemore is gonna do now... Don't know about anyone else, but the scenes with Dougie where you see him so faintly grasping on to some thread of his past life are utterly heartbreaking. The soft piano music and Dougie's fixation tore me up.
  12. Anyone else kinda nervous whenever someone opens up their hotel room door? I kinda love the Silver Mustang gang. Also, I totally thought Audrey was gonna stroll up to the Horne residence/Ben was gonna call her.
  13. Wasn't expecting this much Chad discourse.
  14. I guess Bill Hastings' site is real?