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  1. The Zach and Hannah "AI" that is maybe just people made me think really hard about the 18th Century Chess Playing man-like robot named "The Turk". (Spoiler alert: It was just a guy in a robot suit) I suppose we've always shoved a human in there when computers weren't able to get where we wanted to be, and now Amazon is also doing that. Amazon's Mechanical Turk service lets you crowdsource repetitive tasks that computers aren't able to do well or accurately with micropayments! Need a robot to listen to your podcasts to update your metadata based on new criteria? Amazon's Mechanical Turk service is here for you! There's also an episode of Planet Money dedicated to all of this, if you don't want to click on any links... then you'll click on this link i guess. Or not. It's your party. Links!
  2. It's been a week, and I haven't been able to calm down. I went back to get the quote from Jake's endorsement, (54:20) "I have mixed feelings about the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World ... but I loved the opening title sequence..." What are these "Mixed Feelings" he's talking about? Not to go all Scott Pilgrim fanboy, but check Rotten Tomatoes: It's 81% Fresh by critics standards and 83% by viewers! These kind of numbers don't invalidate Jake's feelings, but I for one would like an explanation. Some background: I am from Toronto and we Canadians really do get excited about seeing our cities and landmarks in movies. Thankfully RT was able to confirm my bias is not necessarily regional.