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  1. Great podcast episode this week! While I agree with Chris and Jake about being nervous about where the Sarah Palmer storyline could potentially be headed, I also think it is important to cite previous examples of her being aware on some level of some of the stuff going on in town. In the first season, she and Cooper are the only ones able to see Bob. And it is her vision that provides the police sketch for the wanted poster, so she seems to be able to tap into that world fairly early on. I also believe it is in Laura's diary (??) that she confirms that her mom has strange feelings/connections to the woods too. Or just strange visions. There also might be mention of it in the show as well, maybe Donna says it to Maddie or James. And then of course you have the season 2 finale, where she is possessed by Windom Earle. In terms of her current day "possession", it is my hope that they will not try to retcon it as being something that has always been there. However, I can totally see this particular instance being a recent development, and can personally buy that it is happening at all because of the past examples of her being connected to the Lodge world in some way. Since the pilot episode, Sarah Palmer has been a fascinating character, and Grace Zabriskie knocks it out of the park every single time.
  2. Hi guys, I actually saw a tweet today that kind of blew my mind. I've read the whole thread and don't think it has been discussed. So the gif in the tweet is from the season 2, ep 1, or, in the weird numbering of the episodes, episode 8. It looks to be similar to Laura's golden orb from episode 8, and is "delivered" to Coop by The Giant. I thought it might be interesting to share here! I hope it's ok to link to a tweet in the post.
  3. Hi! New poster here. I decided to listen to the podcast while rewatching all of the episodes, and FWWM, as it seemed appropriate I have so enjoyed all the discussion. In this episode, one of the things that I really haven't been able to stop pondering is the end diner scene. I was completely oblivious to all the goings on, except for the ominous music that kept steadily creeping under the song. My friend then pointed out to me that the customers/position of people in the scene completely changes after the "Billy" incident. You can see the people at the bar completely change, and also Heidi totally changes positions. Also, when I went back to watch the scene, I noticed a blue car, with luggage (??) drive back and forth several times in that one scene. Something ominous is definitely taking place...just thought I would bring it up here!