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  1. Just an idea but jake and chris if you guys have time id love for you guys to rewatch the return from the beginning knowing what we know now. Twin Peaks Rewatch Rewatch.
  2. So here's my attempt at a coherent thought about the finale. One reason I think all those plotlines dropped is because it highlights what Dale did. He cut apart the fabric of the story, and tried to rewrite it from the beginning. Like Charlie threatening to end Audrey’s story… Dale broke the narrative. Everything that was supposed to be just stopped. The story was mutilated. A botched surgery. Dale ripped it apart from within, trying to heal its wounds. He killed his patient. Dale’s staggering horror as he asks what year it is… he’s hunched over a little, in shock. He really thought he could fix everything. He thought he knew what he was doing. And he’s just lost, lost in a place that might not even be earth, for all he knows. What a sickening, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking ending. The Double R closed, just black windows. Everyone gone. It’ll haunt my dreams.
  3. Does anyone know why douggie/coop started giving Sinclair a back massage. Originally I thought coop was gonna pick the dandruff off of his suit jacket but then he started rubbing his shoulders and I was lost. Still hilarious though.
  4. They need to open this weeks podcast announcing the return of the fan favorite.....the ceiling fan
  5. I read scenes like the cherry pie scene or the flag scene more as cooper getting glimpses at his old self but I think other scenes like him watching sonny jim sitting in the car and crying are indications that he will never get back to the person we once knew. Twin Peaks Cooper was such an immensely positive person and I just don't see him getting back to that considering what he went through. I know a lot of people will disagree with me,but returning to the old Cooper would seem like a disservice to his story line if Lynch and Frost were just to reboot him. (Not to mention at this point it would probably just feel like fanservice to me than anything.) Then again I could be totally wrong, this is twin peaks we're talking about, Im willing to go where ever this show takes me.
  6. So I may be the only person who feels this way but I am kind of annoyed of how after every episode the only thing anyone can seem to talk about is when Cooper is gonna "wake up". Sure we see bits and pieces of the man we knew during the original series and FWWM but I can only assume that he will never be the Cooper we once knew. 25 years trapped in any place would scar a person not to mention that place being the red room. In my mind Cooper has some form of PTSD from this experience and for him to simply snap out of it just wouldn't feel right. Who knows maybe I will feel differently if we see Cooper get his real body back from Mr. C.
  7. So I just found this on Tumblr, no way I could figure this out myself, but I just wanted to share this with people who can probably make better sense of it than I.
  8. Please tell me someone else noticed the extreme similarities between the wardens office and the original Harry S Trumans office in the original series.