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  1. It just dawned on me that perhaps Audrey in the mirror could very well be coming to from "shock therapy" (sounds of electricity are heard in the scene) - further parallelling Coop's journey (same mode of return)
  2. The lamp on the table in front of Cooper eating his cake is half of a glowing golden orb!
  3. Coop's next stop is most likely with The Fireman. Just prior to his tapping the remote Janie E had fed him cake, told him that all their dreams were coming true, and kissed him. Love opens the door....
  4. I, for one, sick and twisted individual that I am, had been wondering for some weeks what sort of activities might be transpiring in the Jones' bedroom. Now I'm not quite sure I really wanted to know....(I did laugh out loud, however)
  5. Haven't seen anyone mention yet the obvious Sandy/Jeffrey/"I just know" reference to the teenagers' 1956 walk. Had me thinking off the bat....could this be "Cooper's" mother?
  6. Some have suggested that the 315 key arriving in Ben's office is proof that "Dougie-World" and "Twin Peaks" take place in the same reality/plane/what-have-you. I just realized something which could indicate otherwise. The key which Dougie and Jade had was clearly not a "real" Great Northern key. "Clean Place Reasonably Priced" --- Cooper's line from the S1 Pilot --- was printed on the back. In Dougie-land we see Jade drop this key in a mailbox. Does the key which Ben now has also bear this inscription? The question may still remain---Who mailed it and from where?
  7. Seems like quite a few people have made this "Dougie" connection. I just thought it was Jerry being wonderfully stoned and paranoid---and my first thought was a fun call-back to MD: Rita: "I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM!" Jerry: "I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM!"