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  1. Here is something I don't think I've seen or heard anyone mention. IIRC, back in Part 3, when Coop was in the station on the purple sea, with Naido, the electrical panel he eventually got sucked into at first had the number "15" prominently in the middle. But then, right before he got sucked in (leaving his shoes), and out the other side in place of Dougie into the "real world," the panel had changed to displaying the number "3". Of course, that turned out to be Episode (or Part) 3 when Cooper emerged into the regular world. I have wondered if the 15-to-3 had anything to do with a link from Part 15 to Part 3 of the show. Of course, we now know that at the end of Part 15, Coop awakened to the mention of Gordon Cole and stuck his fork in the outlet. I don't know where I'm going with this exactly, just seemed like maybe back in Part 3, Coop was already up to Part 15 in the timeline, but then got sent back to Part 3 in the timeline, where he has been in his Dougie-like stasis until he "caught up" to where he had been with Naido. Just a theory - not sure what it means exactly.....
  2. Two things I haven't seen anyone mention (maybe they're too obvious). The "Fireman" - firemen fight fires. "Fire Walk with Me." Fire = Bob/evil. Fireman fights Bob/evil/the experiment, etc. Yes? The sheriff's department guys were at Jack Rabbit's Palace at 2:53 p.m., when the vortex appeared. You know what else happened at exactly 2:53? (Albeit I don't know how the days/timeline work out) The moment when the Black Lodge was trying to get EvilCoop back by triggering the vomit of garmonbozia while he was driving; same time as Dougie was being sucked into the Black Lodge; same time as Good Cooper was being sucked through the electrical socket to take Dougie's place. Discuss amongst yourselves.
  3. Could not disagree more. Just finished the podcast, and it was great as always.
  4. I enjoyed the episode, although it didn't quite live up to last week for me. Question - is there a color thing going on that we are supposed to be decoding? I thought I remembered something about that being mentioned a few weeks back. There is the occasional iconic shot of the stoplight (with red, yellow and green lights), signifying something about to happen. There is the Red Room. There is yellow creamed corn = garmonbozia. Today I was of course struck by the red-curtained hotel room where the FBI meeting was. I was struck by the Sarah Palmer store checkout scene - where there was a display of yellow (turkey jerkey) and red (beef jerkey). Then later, there was Ben Horne taking about his green bike, with a green lamp on his desk. What does it mean? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But it feels deliberate to me.
  5. When I saw the diner, I thought it looked exactly like the diner in Fire Walk with Me, where Chet and Sam (? - Kiefer Sutherland's character) have a scene. I think Sam spills his coffee or something? I was sure of it, in fact. Except you're right - that should have been near Twin Peaks, or Deer Meadow nearby. But what about the convenience store?? Shouldn't that be in Twin Peaks, also? Hmmmmmm.......
  6. Welp, just checked. During Twin Peaks time on July 2, they are showing a 2016 movie, Free State of Jones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. July 4th weekend, I guess? I haven't checked to see if Showtime has any special programming that day......
  8. Yeah, I have to admit. When it first happened, I wasn't sure which one the arm was trying to help - Ike or GoodCoop. I guess we shall see.....
  9. My take was that it was the Arm (which I recall having a pinkish hue). The doppelganger arm, IIRC, was more of a yellowish hue. Also, seemed like the doppelganger arm was antagonistic towards GoodCoop, throwing him out of the lodge and in harm's way (the one-armed man said this wasn't supposed to happen, right?). So, I just assumed it was the "regular" Arm, trying to help GoodCoop survive, much in the same way that the one-armed man is trying to do the same (wake up, don't die). The end goal is to have GoodCoop survive and for BadCoop to die/Bob to return to the black lodge. That's my working theory, anyhow.
  10. Also, I really like that Sheriff Frank Truman is shown talking to Harry at regular intervals. The best guess is that Harry is going to die from whatever his illness is, as a way of writing off Harry's character during the course of the season, for some dramatic effect. This was, of course, necessitated by Michael Ontkean's apparent lack of willingness to do the show (it has been reported he is retired from acting). However, I have a hopeful theory. Lynch and Frost do not kill him off, but rather it is left at the end of this season with some hope of recovery. That way, they leave the door open to Ontkean's return as Harry in the event there are more seasons of Twin Peaks in the future. (Although, I hasten to add, I really am enjoying the Frank Truman character in his stead).
  11. So, I haven't heard anyone mention yet the person who walked down the hall at the Buckhorn police station/morgue while the military lady (can't remember her name) was on the phone discussing the Major Briggs situation. Nice and creepy Lynchian bit, but any ideas or theories?