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  1. Digger, if Diane is in cahoots with BadCoop, then why did she seem so scared of him at the prison?
  2. Okay, I have a theory about why Diane might be working with BadCoop. If we are assuming that Richard is Audrey's son, the product of BadCoop raping Audrey in the hospital, and if it is correct, as many assume, that BadCoop also raped Diane, then might Diane not also have a child? What if that child is Linda? And what if BadCoop somehow uses threats against Linda as a way to control Diane? To me, that would clear up why Diane is horrified by BadCoop but why she might do things for him. Also, it would provide a balance Richard. Maybe, somehow, This hypothetical Linda is the opposite of Richard, a very nice, pure young woman.
  3. I don't think I've seen anyone else mention this, but when we see the golden orb with Laura's face, I thought of the small golden marble that the real Dougie turned into once he was in the lodge.
  4. Loved the fact that we ended at the double R, but the creepy music that kept trying to overcome the jazzy song gave me a bad feeling. I found it very disturbing. I also found Bad Coop more disturbing in this episode, maybe because I've gotten used to seeing KM as Dougie the last few weeks.
  5. Great episode! My theory about the sweeping scene is that it symbolized how the "floor" is being swept and all of the seemingly random pieces are being collected and "cleaned up" and gathered together. After all, so many of the random things we've seen this season seemed to come together in this episode, and as a result, the plot took off, and we spent more time in Twin Peaks the town. The mess of the last 25 years is being tidied up. Of course, the idea that the pieces are being gathered together into a pile of garbage in the road house is quite ironic.