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  1. My theory posted earlier definitely has cycle/Roland vibes, Plastic. I feel pretty good about it -- I'm happy with that being my interpretation and personal ending at least.
  2. Reposting without spoiler markings and with slightly more coherent presentation of info. On the surface, it's the horror movie ending. Mother yanked Laura away after Dale intercepted her in the past. She probably put Laura far, far away in a new life so that Dale couldn't use her against the Mother. Mother gamed this all out so that Dale couldn't find her -- the Chalfonts being owners of Laura's house is a clue there. Laura was the golden orb sent by the Giant to stop Mother. In the old past, Laura was dead. In this future, Coop can find Judy/Mother and use Laura to stop her. Mother escaped, but Coop now has the gun to kill her with (Laura). It's a worse surface level ending than before, but there is SOME HOPE that Coop can find and stop Mother now. Before, there was none. On the surface, dire. In the details, actually a more hopeful future than we had.
  3. I spoilered my interpretation above, but it's actually an ending with more hope to stop mother than what we had before, I think.
  4. Yeah. I had that thought too. It might explain why nothing happened to James one way or the other in the boiler room. Tulpa James would be sad in a tragic, wonderful way. I don't think that's where we're heading, but the similarity in backstories is there.
  5. Hutch is refered to as her husband in that scene, yes. I just started the season over. Even having watched a lot of the episodes two and three times, I'm still making connections I'd missed. One thing occurred to me, and I don't think it's likely, but Dougie's backstory is that he was in a car accident and is a bit slow. That's almost exactly what we think and know about James. What if James never returned to Twin Peaks and is just an off, Tulpa-fied version of James! Oh no! Again, I don't think so, but the similarity made me laugh.
  6. Wasn't he in the two part premiere?
  7. Yeah. I'm not sure we're to assume that Jeffries IS the kettle, but rather is communicating THROUGH the kettle. Like an interdimensional walkie talkie.
  8. I didn't know how much I needed to witness a gardening glove swathed fist imbued with supernatural strength smashing nogoodnicks in the face until the moment it happened. The music skipping on contact and the forceful, incredibly blunt and direct way it was depicted was so satisfying.
  9. I think Sarah is currently possessed by the mother after the mother made her way into our dimension and killed the teens. I don't think she spirit ghosted out of Sarah then to return to her via her tv or what have ya. I think Sarah picked her up later.
  10. I think you might be like Dougie -- we simultaneously posted the same theory, lol.
  11. Billy in the jail cell isn't a for sure thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was him either. "Billy" in jail also just repeated everything said aloud in the room like Dougie does. He never made an independent vocalization, all were mimicry.
  12. Showtime is getting a taste of the Netflix streaming model. One show boosting their sub numbers that much is noteworthy. Les Moonves was beaming about it in their investor call. That the president of Showtime is saying, basically, he's open to whatever Lynch wants to do, is really the best case scenario. If Lynch has more great things to say with Twin Peaks, awesome. If he'd rather tell us a different story with different characters, fine. If he thinks he has nothing noteworthy to make right now and opts out, perfect. As a fan of Lynch, the Showtime boss' willingness to do whatever Lynch thinks best is a good thing. Even if that means Lynch doesn't want to do anything.
  13. Quick drop in to say that Bobby Briggs is one of the better acted characters on the show and he really stole his scenes this episode. Believable vulnerability followed by protective toughness followed by exasperation and then horror. So good.
  14. Good Coop: Shot in episode eight of the original run. The bullet pushed the parasitic wood tick on his belly into his abdomen. Doc Hayward removes the parasite from inside him with the bullet fragment. Bad Coop: Shot in episode eight of the new series. Bob, a parasitic orb, is inside him. The woodsmen remove the parasite inside him, Bob. Parallels to the new series aside, it's clever that Coop was portrayed as being invaded by a parasite as early as episode eight of the OG series. It didn't seem like a meaningful thing at the time and I'd largely forgotten that happened.
  15. I haven't read any of the books, only watched the OG series and FWWM. What book is the one you think is essential reading? I might nab it tonight.
  16. I think that's what I like about it -- it's a total exposition dump from Frost told through the visual language of Lynch. It feels wholly collaborative. That people can see it either way is a victory IMO.
  17. That's the push pull of dream-like Lynch and cosmic-horror Frost. I tend to not like when things are spelled out, like I said above, but I felt like this episode rode the line pretty well as collaborations go! What's funny is that most the people I see decrying it on other forums and Reddit and what have ya, are the ones that want more, literal mythos. And they just got it. And don't realize it apparently. Shrug!
  18. It seemed way less abstract to me and more like a big, Frost exposition dump, which, again, the merit of is debatable. It depends on how dreamlike-Lynch vs. how cosmichorror-Frost your wants from Twin Peaks skew. As someone that typically LOVES the Lynchian side of things and tolerates the Frost-mythos, I was surprised to really dig this. I think Lynch is a bit heavy with some of the imagery, but it's just batshit enough to not have gone too far in either direction for me.
  19. It laid bare most the bones for the entire mythology of Twin Peaks. It's debatable whether or not that's a good thing, but SO MUCH happened. Edit: Shout out to Gordon's office having garmonbozia and the bomb hung up -- I think he knows a lot more than has been let on in regards to his Blue Rose cases.
  20. Pfft. I dug the heck out of it.
  21. Penderecki's threnody (the atomic bomb) begat, or ripped a hole for, the dark mother entering our world. We recently saw her trapped in the cube eating the couch couple and I am guessing that was the creature depicted here. The dark mother puked up Bob in spirit. Bob manifested here in the form of a cicada frog. The woodsmen, also unleashed by a rift, or born from the aftermath, of the a-bomb, conditioned hosts for the Bob-frog via their radio message. Bob-frog climbed into, or rode, his first host (the way one might, say, ride a horse as mentioned in the woodsman's words), the girl on the bed. The giant is the opposite of the dark mother and birthed goodness, in the form of Laura, to thwart Bob/the dark mother spirit thing that the bomb unleashed. I don't think it's happenstance that technology is the means of Bob's first host's conditioning. The woodsmen are asking for fire, the first human technology -- "Got a light?" They manipulate, and travel via, our electronics. That fits with all the themes of electricity, static, distortion, the light pole, etc. We doomed ourselves. That's my guess. It's a bit literal.
  22. One possible outcome of the Dougie hitting local TV thing is that the baddies which run the casino see him on television and attempt to hunt him down. I'm 50/50 with that storyline resolving as above or with Badcoop entering the casino and triggering the goons unknowingly.